Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Keeping It Simple

These days I really make a big effort to buy things I can use.

I have the smallest kitchen counter in the world: About 9' x 3' of useable space, so I have to keep the beloved pink kitchen appliances and things to a bare minimum.

I bought these because I use a lot of things to "doctor up" my morning coffee: Sweet-n-low, cremora, sugar free hot cocoa, so those packets can go in these, rather then the unsightly boxes they come in.

Used to buy whatever I could find for cheap in Thrift stores.

Now I am very picky.

I keep each room to particular color schemes which limits buying, and strive to buy fewer, bigger items rather than a lot of smaller things (a mistake I made for many years!). And of course, I'm particular about my things being from the 50's, with a few perhaps from the 40's and older (as any 50's house would have things that are older, but not newer).

Just a couple of tips which worked well for me so far.

What sorts of tips or tricks do you use to keep your place pulled together and looking retro/vintage?

Happy Wednesday!