Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Is It Too Early For Easter?

It's only TWO months away!!!

OK, I missed bringing out my few vintage Valentines, so got out the Easter stuff. I was curious to see if Mom still had this one pink egg she made.

Mom also used to have a pair of the nice white bunnies, but the late, and great cat Charlie got to goofing around in the living room one day, and knocked one off the shelf.

Aww sure do miss this guy. He was the sweetest most unassuming pet friend! I couldn't get mad at him, he was just curious and exploring like cats do.

At any rate, back around the 70's Mom started to make these decoupaged eggs. She used bits of wrapping paper and glued them to chicken eggs we prepared. They are "mid-century" if you count the 70's, I guess they are vintage too, but it's hard to think of things as "vintage" that I grew up with!

If you are that curious, click on the image for a larger view...

It was this pink styrofoam egg that got me wondering. I remember Mom making this way back, had to be the early 70's. It's simple: Pink headed pins, some white lace and plastic dove and flowers all covered with a varnish that's already turning tea-colored by age. But it charms the heck out of me now. I guess because she is gone and I attach all kinds of sentimentality to the things she made or had.

Back around the late 70's, early 80's they re-issued copies of these German cardboard eggs, and Mom bought these. I've seen them sold all over eBay as "antique". I'm sure they are re-issues like these. I'm sure most sellers may not know that either.

Well, except for the fact they always LOOK about 30 years old as opposed to 80 years old. Huh....

And some 1981 Enesco tin eggs. Whatever she had saved, I got out.

Nice and simple, I'm sure I have a few other things, but what the heck! Why not bring out the bunnies now! By Easter, I should have hundreds if they do what bunnies do haaa haaa....

And a HUGE thank you to my friend Vintage Christine who sent me an adorable sheet of puffy vintage style robot stickers!

So adorable! perfect with my other space stuff, and the space notebook she gave me. Thank you! I have my eye on a few more space things on eBay right now... Fingers crossed!

Happy Tuesday!