Monday, February 28, 2011

I Am Painting Shelves Zzzzzz The Boring Part of Home Renovation

Oh sure, I want this he-man to PLEASE come paint my shelves for me!

Photo unceremoniously ripped off from the internet because the cat just can't seem to hold the camera and click the shutter button at the same time and take a photo of me painting.

You can see he is trying real hard here to take my photo... (I assure you, that's not a yellow area in his fur, but a spot on the lense!).

The drudgery part of home renovating, is, well, dull!! And hard work.

I can't tell you how much "stuff" I had to move, to get those shelves moved into another bedroom. And all that "stuff" has to sit there, mocking me, until I can get the shelves painted.

My old lady hands don't like holding a heavy paint roller!

And those furniture glide dealies in my last post?

It was more like: push shelf 1 foot, scoot one loose pad back under corner of shelves with toe, move, scoot loose pad, move, and there I did the dance until both shelves were in the proper room. I was NOT smiling like the woman on the package!

But I have some Carlo of Hollywood frames to show you next post, that our blogging friend starduster58 both made himself, and owns! I'm trying to get him to start his own blog so we can see all his cool 50's stuff!!

starduster58, if you are reading this, click HERE is a tutorial on how to start your blog, it's so easy, the hard part is signing up, and you've already done that!

Happy Monday! How is everyone doing?