Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A GOOD eBay Transaction!

Well, this is something to brag about! The pink vintage vanity chair arrived, all in one piece, packed just right, and as good as described! Yea!

What else am I doing?

I cleared off the vintage baby crib because I decided, it has to be sacrificed for a pair of shelves in the "pink" room. Sigh.

It has a sweet design on the side, but you can start to see why I need more space. Mr Rooster is in the way.

Then when you look at the bed and all Moms dollies I took out of the crib, (she made a lot more, the rest are in the closet and under the bed!), you see what I am dealing with...

The bed looked good before this, I promise you!

But there is still too much "stuff" in this room, and it needs to go on shelves rather than grow out on the floor in corners and spaces where stuff should not be.

So I am moving the two shelves from the master bed room, into the pink room.

Where I will put the stuff on these shelves is beyond me. And you can see the master bedroom still has too much "stuff" itself.

I'll have to go back through the closets and make more room in there. I don't like stuff sitting on the floor filling corners!

Meanwhile, I hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day!