Friday, February 18, 2011

Carlo of Hollywood Frames - A Great Item To Sell - Easy Money to Make

A few months ago I took a shot at bidding on a pair of original Carlo of Hollywood frames. The iconic, asymmetrical blonde wood frames sold for more than my entire blonde wood set of night stands and table. Sigh.

But I came across these three auctions where some clever person has made their own, and offered them for sale.

I figured I would not be able to afford them (they were about 9" x 7" to 3" x 5" on the openings, and sold for $54, $73 and $67), and I was right.

Too rich for my blood being reproductions made of substandard wood (the wood grain being one of the things that made original Carlo of Hollywood frames great, and the pine knots in this wood are embarrassing to any wood worker worth their salt) and unfinished, to boot.



Personalize your home with these mid century modern style custom frames.
Take these to a glass shop to get a glass cut to fit, and then use cardboard for backing. Simple as that!

Picture opening: 7 3/4" x 9 3/4"
Top horizontal: 13 3/4"
Bottom horizontal: x 10 3/8"
Sides: 14"

Sanded and ready to paint.


Check out my other listing for more frames.

Made of 3/4" pine wood.

But what a clever idea to make reproductions, because if they were priced right, or larger, or a bit more finished, I would pay what they were worth... AS reproductions.

So if you are a handy and need an idea to make some money, it wouldn't take much to make these frames, and they would sell for some decent money on eBay and etsy.

Just a tip or idea from me to you! I'd love a larger and medium sized pair of these, so if any of you make these (or your hubby or BF), please let me know (and maybe give me a discount for the selling idea lol). =)

Happy Friday!