Friday, February 18, 2011

Carlo of Hollywood Frames - A Great Item To Sell - Easy Money to Make

A few months ago I took a shot at bidding on a pair of original Carlo of Hollywood frames. The iconic, asymmetrical blonde wood frames sold for more than my entire blonde wood set of night stands and table. Sigh.

But I came across these three auctions where some clever person has made their own, and offered them for sale.

I figured I would not be able to afford them (they were about 9" x 7" to 3" x 5" on the openings, and sold for $54, $73 and $67), and I was right.

Too rich for my blood being reproductions made of substandard wood (the wood grain being one of the things that made original Carlo of Hollywood frames great, and the pine knots in this wood are embarrassing to any wood worker worth their salt) and unfinished, to boot.



Personalize your home with these mid century modern style custom frames.
Take these to a glass shop to get a glass cut to fit, and then use cardboard for backing. Simple as that!

Picture opening: 7 3/4" x 9 3/4"
Top horizontal: 13 3/4"
Bottom horizontal: x 10 3/8"
Sides: 14"

Sanded and ready to paint.


Check out my other listing for more frames.

Made of 3/4" pine wood.

But what a clever idea to make reproductions, because if they were priced right, or larger, or a bit more finished, I would pay what they were worth... AS reproductions.

So if you are a handy and need an idea to make some money, it wouldn't take much to make these frames, and they would sell for some decent money on eBay and etsy.

Just a tip or idea from me to you! I'd love a larger and medium sized pair of these, so if any of you make these (or your hubby or BF), please let me know (and maybe give me a discount for the selling idea lol). =)

Happy Friday!


  1. I'd sure like to see a how-to video on making these. Cutting angles on two pieces of wood so they fit together seamlessly is probably the hardest thing for me to do, but I really want some frames like this. Thanks for posting!

  2. It doesn't seem like it would be hard to make a few wood jigs to do an assembly line, and make multiples.

    In these frames, they simply cut them at an angle, and used finishing nails to put them together auction found HERE.

  3. I can't believe the person who made those used wood with giant knots in it! My dad is an excellent craftsman and has made practically all the furniture in my house including my bedroom set, and he would never produce something so awful! And you have to finish them AND get glass? Hmmmm, maybe I can convince my dad to eschew his favorite Shaker and Mission style and give mid-century modern a shot? He could give old Harry a run for his money!

  4. Hahaha! I agree! I don't mind that they don't have glass, but those knots make me think they used scrap wood, not a good thing. Even the beveling on the back is sub-standard and looks like something I would do.

    Seems to me someone could produce a whole bunch of these and there would be an interest in them, either stained or whatever for a blond wood look, or painted (or varnished).

    I know I'd love some of these, and will make my own if I can't find them for sale at a reasonable price. They are not hard to make, even for an amateur such as myself!

  5. Wow! These would look great in my fabbo dining room with my Hey-Wake stuff. Let's see if my hubby is interested, but not sure if he has the right tools for this. Now if I asked him to restore a motorcycle, no problem!

  6. Utah Oilfield TrashFebruary 18, 2011 at 7:43 AM

    When you posted about these earlier, I went on a hunt! I love them, however, I don't frame many of the paintings I do (mostly because of the sizes I like to work with.) I would love to have about 6 of them to frame some Disney 50th Anniversary prints Shag did. Someday maybe I can find the money...
    Have a great weekend!!!

  7. Christine, seems like all one needs is a skill saw, or maybe a jig saw, a router or drill, and a hammer and some sanding paper. It would be a great way for him to make some money while he is out of work.

    Please have him make me some lol...

  8. Utah I don't think I have framed a single one of my artworks, but I use stretched canvasses lol...

    If I had these, I would find something amazing to put in them, though ;)

  9. I'm e-mailing the link to my dad. He owns a business that he's really proud of keeping in business during the bad economy. So he has a fully fuctioning shop with access to wood; I would imagine the originals were made of Maple, hence the grain. I can probably convince him to get his guys to switch over to picture frame in their off times! He loves my crazy ideas.....(I think?)

  10. Google Carlo of Hollywood and see all his frames. I have pics of an original blond set here on my blog.

    If he does, I am hoping he will make me a set or two at a discount ;)

  11. I did google them, very unique! I think it's difficult for most people because of the "forced perspective", but my dad is amazing at reproducing things from pictures and it would be no problem for him. I'll try and convince him to branch out from doors! Maybe make a few sets and see how it goes.

  12. Those frames really are gorgeous! I hope with the amount of thrifting I do, at some point I will come across something like these for my walls.

  13. I can't imagine going to the trouble to make mid-century frames with big knots in the wood. Maybe something rustic for a cabin...but not some asymmetrical like that. What was the guy thinking?

  14. Ok, if there's a way for me to send you a message privately, sorry! I looked everywhere, and I'm terrible with technology. It's not top-secret anyway. I nagged my dad mercilessly all day, and he finally agreed (I think?)to make a prototype of a reproduction frame. If he does, I'll send you a picture!

  15. But but but he'll make a nice set for me, for providing the money making idea, right? lol...

    My email is printed on the little Big Band photo in my sidebar. If I type it in here, I'll get more spam than I already do!

  16. Ok, I promise to save the first ones for you! Now I just have to keep nagging, nagging, nagging.....I'll e-mail you pics when the time comes!

  17. =D I'm sort of kidding but not really. I mean, if he decides to start making any number of them, and they sell well, I'd love some ;)

    Looking forward to seeing them!

  18. haha how funny...I had the idea to make them by myself for pictures for them I can't find fitting frames.
    Huh if I can manage this it's a reeeally good idea! Thanks!
    I'll let you know when they're done :D

  19. These are basically trapezoid frames. I have designed and made my own before...just like the originals. Originally, these were made from clear douglas fir lumber and then either sandblasted or wire brushed so that soft grain was removed to a certain depth, exposing the wild, hard grain. The boards were then cut at at angles on a miter saw, assembled and then either painted or stained. A really popular effect at that time was blonde-finished frames with white rubbed into crevices or the frames painted black with the same technique applied, thus giving the frames a real dramatic effect. Also, white oak was used and the same effect was applied. Some frames were just painted solid or two-tone colors. The maker of the above frames should have used a porus wood with a wild grain pattern, such as white oak of ash. If there is a way to post photos on here, let me know and I will post photos, on here, of the frames that I have recreated, if it lets me.

  20. Hi starduster! Wow, yes, you seem to know exactly how to recreate them, and even the ones that show the gain of the wood like his did! Thank you for sharing the tips, too.

    Gee I'd love to have some of the blonde ones with the grain showing, but I suppose that will have to wait.

    I'd love to post pics, I don't *think* we can post images in comments, but you can find my email address on a photo to the right, under "Navalaires Big Band". (The email spells "artistically gifted", but phonetic lol)

  21. Hey Atominc Ranch....I sent you some pics of the frames and 50's gravel art that I have done to post, if you like.