Thursday, February 17, 2011

Atomic Eames Cigarette Set!

Quite often I will come across individual pieces, and later discover they are actually part of a set.

Case in point:

I first saw the cigarette case in this awesome atomic Eames design months ago... (above)

Then I saw the case and the bowl (ashtray?) in another auction, months ago.

Today I find the bowl and a matching lighter!

So now we know, this came in a matching set of three (that we know of). If you are interested, find the auction HERE.

*********Please note: I have no idea who the seller is, I have no association with them, nor will I get anything for mentioning their auction. Please bid responsibly at all times. Thank you.

I do love this design, but I won't be bidding on it myself, so let the highest bidder grab this very cool set! I've seen the cig case more often, so I'm sure you will find a matching one with a bit of patience.

But now you know it's a trio!

If one of my blogger friends wins this auction, let us know!!