Monday, February 28, 2011

I Am Painting Shelves Zzzzzz The Boring Part of Home Renovation

Oh sure, I want this he-man to PLEASE come paint my shelves for me!

Photo unceremoniously ripped off from the internet because the cat just can't seem to hold the camera and click the shutter button at the same time and take a photo of me painting.

You can see he is trying real hard here to take my photo... (I assure you, that's not a yellow area in his fur, but a spot on the lense!).

The drudgery part of home renovating, is, well, dull!! And hard work.

I can't tell you how much "stuff" I had to move, to get those shelves moved into another bedroom. And all that "stuff" has to sit there, mocking me, until I can get the shelves painted.

My old lady hands don't like holding a heavy paint roller!

And those furniture glide dealies in my last post?

It was more like: push shelf 1 foot, scoot one loose pad back under corner of shelves with toe, move, scoot loose pad, move, and there I did the dance until both shelves were in the proper room. I was NOT smiling like the woman on the package!

But I have some Carlo of Hollywood frames to show you next post, that our blogging friend starduster58 both made himself, and owns! I'm trying to get him to start his own blog so we can see all his cool 50's stuff!!

starduster58, if you are reading this, click HERE is a tutorial on how to start your blog, it's so easy, the hard part is signing up, and you've already done that!

Happy Monday! How is everyone doing?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Major Tom? Buzz?

Another addition to the Space Room/Office. NASA astronaut bank.

I tend to doubt these are very "vintage", but will "fit" in the room fine. It sure was affordable!

If you know for a fact these were made, say, in 1995, please do NOT tell me! I want to live with the illusion it's mid-century, therefore will fit with all the other mid-century. I'm cheating a bit for the space room to include stuff up until man walked on the moon, rather than the "no later than 1960" rule I try to stick by.

I've also been shopping for big, vintage, built airplane models.

I just want one. OK maybe two.

Was outbid on a nice 1950's Starlifter last night (grrrr), and a space Apollo capsule a few days ago grrrr.

I want maybe one or two vintage built models of flight to hang from the ceiling in here, the Space/office room. But I don't feel like spending much money on them. I've spent enough on the modern things in this office as it is!

Happy Saturday. Will be trying out those furniture moving glide pads today on some big shelves. I sure hope they work as good as advertised! They were hard to move the first time. Fingers crossed these will help:

They are used like this, under the feet of the furniture:

I hope I'm smiling like that gal is!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Speaking of Vintage Easter Egg Craft Kits...

These 70's Easter egg craft kits were mentioned by Wanda, on my last post.

So can any of you tell me WHY these sold for $98.34??!!


I wouldn't pay more than $1.00!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Is It Too Early For Easter?

It's only TWO months away!!!

OK, I missed bringing out my few vintage Valentines, so got out the Easter stuff. I was curious to see if Mom still had this one pink egg she made.

Mom also used to have a pair of the nice white bunnies, but the late, and great cat Charlie got to goofing around in the living room one day, and knocked one off the shelf.

Aww sure do miss this guy. He was the sweetest most unassuming pet friend! I couldn't get mad at him, he was just curious and exploring like cats do.

At any rate, back around the 70's Mom started to make these decoupaged eggs. She used bits of wrapping paper and glued them to chicken eggs we prepared. They are "mid-century" if you count the 70's, I guess they are vintage too, but it's hard to think of things as "vintage" that I grew up with!

If you are that curious, click on the image for a larger view...

It was this pink styrofoam egg that got me wondering. I remember Mom making this way back, had to be the early 70's. It's simple: Pink headed pins, some white lace and plastic dove and flowers all covered with a varnish that's already turning tea-colored by age. But it charms the heck out of me now. I guess because she is gone and I attach all kinds of sentimentality to the things she made or had.

Back around the late 70's, early 80's they re-issued copies of these German cardboard eggs, and Mom bought these. I've seen them sold all over eBay as "antique". I'm sure they are re-issues like these. I'm sure most sellers may not know that either.

Well, except for the fact they always LOOK about 30 years old as opposed to 80 years old. Huh....

And some 1981 Enesco tin eggs. Whatever she had saved, I got out.

Nice and simple, I'm sure I have a few other things, but what the heck! Why not bring out the bunnies now! By Easter, I should have hundreds if they do what bunnies do haaa haaa....

And a HUGE thank you to my friend Vintage Christine who sent me an adorable sheet of puffy vintage style robot stickers!

So adorable! perfect with my other space stuff, and the space notebook she gave me. Thank you! I have my eye on a few more space things on eBay right now... Fingers crossed!

Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Vintage Laundry Room Challange

Our friend zootsuitmama challenged us to show our vintage laundry rooms.

Well, I don't have one. Long story short, the washer and dryer are supposed to be hooked up just inside the small garage door, but decades ago the drain would not drain, and a plumber told my folks they'd have to tear up the concrete garage floor to fix it, and Dad never had the money for that, so we toted our laundry to laundermats forever.

Next time you complain about doing laundry in your own house, think of having to haul it to a laundermat like I did my whole life lol. (I never miss an opportunity to bitch and moan lollll)

OK, so rant over, I thought I would grab some photos off the internet to see what other folks' vintage laundry rooms looked like.

I love this collection of laundry soaps and such. You can find deals on these, on eBay.

Oh huh, seen a lot of these coin laundry signs throughout my life!

Another cute sign.

Love how they hid the modern stuff in old stuff.

OK, not sure a stack of old picnic baskets qualifies, but I love the storage idea here.

And some clever person has made a medicine chest from old scrub boards with glass scrubbers.

Mom used to wash her laundry on these old washboards back in the day.

Thanks to zootsuitmama for the post idea! Maybe one day I will get my own washer and dryer to work here at 1950's Atomic Ranch House (will be getting a second opinion on it, that's for sure, the plumber years ago may have been wrong!).

Friday, February 18, 2011

Carlo of Hollywood Frames - A Great Item To Sell - Easy Money to Make

A few months ago I took a shot at bidding on a pair of original Carlo of Hollywood frames. The iconic, asymmetrical blonde wood frames sold for more than my entire blonde wood set of night stands and table. Sigh.

But I came across these three auctions where some clever person has made their own, and offered them for sale.

I figured I would not be able to afford them (they were about 9" x 7" to 3" x 5" on the openings, and sold for $54, $73 and $67), and I was right.

Too rich for my blood being reproductions made of substandard wood (the wood grain being one of the things that made original Carlo of Hollywood frames great, and the pine knots in this wood are embarrassing to any wood worker worth their salt) and unfinished, to boot.



Personalize your home with these mid century modern style custom frames.
Take these to a glass shop to get a glass cut to fit, and then use cardboard for backing. Simple as that!

Picture opening: 7 3/4" x 9 3/4"
Top horizontal: 13 3/4"
Bottom horizontal: x 10 3/8"
Sides: 14"

Sanded and ready to paint.


Check out my other listing for more frames.

Made of 3/4" pine wood.

But what a clever idea to make reproductions, because if they were priced right, or larger, or a bit more finished, I would pay what they were worth... AS reproductions.

So if you are a handy and need an idea to make some money, it wouldn't take much to make these frames, and they would sell for some decent money on eBay and etsy.

Just a tip or idea from me to you! I'd love a larger and medium sized pair of these, so if any of you make these (or your hubby or BF), please let me know (and maybe give me a discount for the selling idea lol). =)

Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Atomic Eames Cigarette Set!

Quite often I will come across individual pieces, and later discover they are actually part of a set.

Case in point:

I first saw the cigarette case in this awesome atomic Eames design months ago... (above)

Then I saw the case and the bowl (ashtray?) in another auction, months ago.

Today I find the bowl and a matching lighter!

So now we know, this came in a matching set of three (that we know of). If you are interested, find the auction HERE.

*********Please note: I have no idea who the seller is, I have no association with them, nor will I get anything for mentioning their auction. Please bid responsibly at all times. Thank you.

I do love this design, but I won't be bidding on it myself, so let the highest bidder grab this very cool set! I've seen the cig case more often, so I'm sure you will find a matching one with a bit of patience.

But now you know it's a trio!

If one of my blogger friends wins this auction, let us know!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Keeping It Simple

These days I really make a big effort to buy things I can use.

I have the smallest kitchen counter in the world: About 9' x 3' of useable space, so I have to keep the beloved pink kitchen appliances and things to a bare minimum.

I bought these because I use a lot of things to "doctor up" my morning coffee: Sweet-n-low, cremora, sugar free hot cocoa, so those packets can go in these, rather then the unsightly boxes they come in.

Used to buy whatever I could find for cheap in Thrift stores.

Now I am very picky.

I keep each room to particular color schemes which limits buying, and strive to buy fewer, bigger items rather than a lot of smaller things (a mistake I made for many years!). And of course, I'm particular about my things being from the 50's, with a few perhaps from the 40's and older (as any 50's house would have things that are older, but not newer).

Just a couple of tips which worked well for me so far.

What sorts of tips or tricks do you use to keep your place pulled together and looking retro/vintage?

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A GOOD eBay Transaction!

Well, this is something to brag about! The pink vintage vanity chair arrived, all in one piece, packed just right, and as good as described! Yea!

What else am I doing?

I cleared off the vintage baby crib because I decided, it has to be sacrificed for a pair of shelves in the "pink" room. Sigh.

It has a sweet design on the side, but you can start to see why I need more space. Mr Rooster is in the way.

Then when you look at the bed and all Moms dollies I took out of the crib, (she made a lot more, the rest are in the closet and under the bed!), you see what I am dealing with...

The bed looked good before this, I promise you!

But there is still too much "stuff" in this room, and it needs to go on shelves rather than grow out on the floor in corners and spaces where stuff should not be.

So I am moving the two shelves from the master bed room, into the pink room.

Where I will put the stuff on these shelves is beyond me. And you can see the master bedroom still has too much "stuff" itself.

I'll have to go back through the closets and make more room in there. I don't like stuff sitting on the floor filling corners!

Meanwhile, I hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day from 1950's Atomic Ranch House!

I am moving some stuff around in anticipation of moving furniture etc. around, and while I had the vintage baby crib cleared off, I thought I'd put a few of my favorite hand sewn dolls Mom made in it. Snap a few photos before I have to move more stuff around.

Mom would literally hand stitch her dolls. Needle and thread. I tried to sew up as many as I could with my old machine, but didn't always have much time, so Mom would simply do it on her own. In her later years she had a condition which made her hands shake, sometimes very badly, so she could not use the machine. That didn't stop her!

This is a Victorian style button baby. So cute! The back of her head is sewn with all buttons. She made a pair of these, one for me and one for her. Tea-dyed cloth, sweet pink ribbons.

Victorian Rosie is the name of this one. Again, she made a pair, one for me and one for her. It's hard to tell, but Rosie has green wooden garden stakes as arms and legs, with roses wired to it, making her hands and feet. Velvet dress with rose leaves and trim. Pink ribbon hair.

A sweet baby cloth doll with pink hair. She made 3 of these, and 3 more in a larger size (for each of us kids). I love that you can see where she (or I, I forget) used a pencil to sketch the design to embroider the face.

OK, call me silly, but I thought they needed some dolly tea, so I set out the vintage strawberry doll tea set Mom and I got in Julian, a sweet little mountain resort area here in California, that had a lot of antique shops and such.

The set is quite small, it looks big here because it's in the front.

I hope all my fellow bloggers have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Well It's About Time!

3+ weeks later and the footstool finally arrived, not mailed until 3 weeks had gone by. They included a nice note, and they did say it could take up to a month when you read the fine print, but jeez...

They wrapped it well... Too well! Wrapped it and the legs in the saran wrap from hell lol... About a mile of it.

But still, three weeks to get an item mailed out is too long from a seller who is not a high volume seller, so they will get rated as such on the star rating. I can't rate them high on fast shipping.

I also got my vintage artist box and supplies. Can you see the little compartment to the right, with the four charcoal sticks in it? Well, they stuffed the box with easter grass... Yes, easter grass, wrapped it in cardboard and duct tape, and mailed her off.

Err they didn't really "stuff" the grass in there, they simply laid a bunch on top of everything so the brushes and charcoal sticks still banged around inside the box.

So of course the charcoal banged around and broke in transit, covering the inside of the box with a nice black dust coating, not to mention some dirt that was already in there got spread around.

The brushes felt dry... Very dry. This is the second time I bought used artist brushes advertised as: "still have a lot of life left in them".

Hmmm, we shall see.

Am I being too picky here? I've been wanting a vintage artist box for about 10 years now, but until lately, they always sold for a lot of money. So I didn't break the bank with this one, but I'll have to really clean it out.

These vases turned out to be in new condition, and yes! They really are pink in color, as advertised, not the yellow color in the photos. They also took a few weeks to get here because the seller said they were in a car wreck on the way to mail a bunch of eBay packages, and were in the hospital a few days. Hmmm, wow, I hate to sound jaded, but I've been on the internet long enough to know that people say a lot of things.

However, I am happy with these.

So I don't know. I think I am very reasonable, I try to shop carefully, but virtually every purchase comes with some kind of aggravation these days.

I haven't sworn off buying, but gee... Getting more discouraged!

Thanks for letting me vent!! Happy Saturday!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's In YOUR Drawers?

No, not those lol...

I'm fully aware that this post will rank right around "mildly interesting" to "downright boring", but I do like to strive to make regular posts... And since eBay hasn't been very kind to me, I'm not buying much these days.

So I thought I would go around, open a few random (well, mostly random) drawers in the 1950's Atomic Ranch House and show what's inside.

I'd love it if some of you did the same on your blogs, because it feeds those of us who are curious (nosy!).

The above photo shows my vintage hankey collection stored in dark green holder, vintage hose, hat and my chinchilla collar I bought years ago.

Velvet black hat, pink and white beaded purses and some silk scraps I intend to mend an old crazy quilt with.

Glove box, red and black Bakelite buttons, Art Deco old photo of a couple on a crescent moon, and those chalkware fish I got for the bathroom. Miller Studios, I believe, in pink, for a great price!

Butterscotch Bakelite buttons (about the only bakelite I could ever afford, found in jars of buttons scored at Thrift stores back when there was still stuff to score), misc plastic flowers in basket, vintage ceramic stuff.

I have a lot of old family photos, a bunch in drawers and more in bags (eek!!!) that I must get better organized, but am not sure how. Albums? Boxes? Hmm.

Vintage Valentines I scored over the years, some from the family. Time to get these out before the 14th!!

And a lot of basic ephemera (and more photos) from the family. Some drawers in our house never got cleaned out, so I have finger paintings from childhood and the recipts from things like the 1959 car Dad bought.

I have been itching to get back into my Altered Art (my "serious art" will have to wait), and intend on incorporating all of this in my "Family Altered Book" I started a few years ago (and need to work on... After I get a new printer).

I also have a shoe box of old letters Mom kept, that she wrote to her Mom, and I will read those in time.

I always envisioned my 1950's house having everything "period" right down to what's in drawers and cabinets, so this isn't a "mistake" or happenstance sort of thing.

So, if you have made it this far, I thank you! I know this wasn't terribly exciting, but if like me, you are running out of blog post ideas, snap a few pics of what's inside your drawers so I can see too!

Happy Thursday!