Thursday, January 6, 2011

What Are They Thinking?

They are cool alright, but $450 cool? Not in my opinion!

But someone else thinks so.

I see quite a few things on eBay with insane high prices and wonder about the seller: "What are they thinking!?"

You know, I've come to another conclusion after dealing with another crisis (work related, won't bore you)...

And here is 1950's Atomic Ranch House lady's sage life advice:

You can't stop the crap from hitting the fan of your life, but you CAN choose how to react to it.

And believe me, I used to hop around mad, cry, blame my bad luck... All kinds of things when I was younger and life kept tossing me the lemons.

Now I don't mean you should whistle a happy tune while, say, your car breaks down before that important interview and you forgot your cell phone, for instance, but you can take a deep breathe, and try to flag someone down who will call a tow truck (and have your can of mace ready just in case they are a serial killer) or walk to the nearest phone (if they still have pay phones... Somewhere).

So, there you are.

Another life lesson from 1950's Atomic Ranch House lady.

How are all my blogger friends doing?

How do you handle the stressful things that life tosses your way?

Do you think life really was less stressful in the 50's?

I tend to think things like the threat of nuclear annihilation might have been an awful big worry!