Thursday, January 6, 2011

What Are They Thinking?

They are cool alright, but $450 cool? Not in my opinion!

But someone else thinks so.

I see quite a few things on eBay with insane high prices and wonder about the seller: "What are they thinking!?"

You know, I've come to another conclusion after dealing with another crisis (work related, won't bore you)...

And here is 1950's Atomic Ranch House lady's sage life advice:

You can't stop the crap from hitting the fan of your life, but you CAN choose how to react to it.

And believe me, I used to hop around mad, cry, blame my bad luck... All kinds of things when I was younger and life kept tossing me the lemons.

Now I don't mean you should whistle a happy tune while, say, your car breaks down before that important interview and you forgot your cell phone, for instance, but you can take a deep breathe, and try to flag someone down who will call a tow truck (and have your can of mace ready just in case they are a serial killer) or walk to the nearest phone (if they still have pay phones... Somewhere).

So, there you are.

Another life lesson from 1950's Atomic Ranch House lady.

How are all my blogger friends doing?

How do you handle the stressful things that life tosses your way?

Do you think life really was less stressful in the 50's?

I tend to think things like the threat of nuclear annihilation might have been an awful big worry!


  1. Oh I'm always seeing stuff on ebay and think 'what are they thinking'!!

    Ah stress, I had a really stressful one last year and I didn't cope well with it but I'm going to try to eliminate my source of stress this year, which is earning more money, it's the only stress I have!

  2. those lamps would sell for more than that here, more like $450 each, so they don't seem that expensive to me. Not that I personally would pay that much!
    I have now structured my life so that sources of stress have largely been eliminated. As you now know I've had some crap in my past....and I refuse to cop it any more!

  3. STM, my friend taught me a very important lesson: Having more money does NOT relieve stress... You simply trade one set of problems for another set of problems. Having been dirt poor, and then a teeny bit of money, I can say, he is 100% correct...

    Kitty, yeah, I noticed things in AU sell for BIG prices! I was eyeing a fab ashtray selling in AU, but it went for almost $100US... Yikes!

  4. yeah those atomic ashtrays we see alot, like the pink ones I showed on my blog, go for min. $75 here, and like $10 the US, same as a lot of the Art Deco stuff, I can't believe how little it goes for in the US. But then a lot of stuff was never made or available here, and its only since the advent of ebay that such funky stuff has ever come to Australia.

  5. oh I know what you mean but we have no money to the point of wondering how we're going to pay the mortgage each month, I've also been in well paid job, still had problems, just not financial ones!

  6. Yes, those lamps are cool. But not $450 cool. They remind me of the Flintstones in some way.

    Dealing with stress is exactly related to how you react. I had a situation where I needed a tow from Baker, CA to Las Vegas. Surprisingly the tow truck driver was hot, I mean smoking hot. Biggest surprise of my life and considerably lessend my stress level!

  7. My grandmother used to get very frustrated when people blithely claimed there was no stress in the 50s etc' - I'm inclined to think that every place and time has stress. It's just making sure it doesn't eat you up that's important!

    The grossly overpriced lamps reminded me of the website regretsy where some absolute tat is woefully overpriced!

  8. Perdita:

    Used to be a vintage blogger, maybe she's still around, that did nothing but make long-winded laments about how 'bad' things are today, and how much 'better' it was in the good old days.

    After a few friendly reminders, that perhaps she was mistaken, I did her a favor and removed her from my blogroll because I could not stop reminding her, that all her anguish was misplaced lol...

  9. I find those kinds of lamps all over and they are usually so cheap (under $100 - as low as $2) I HAVE to NOT buy them or it would start ANOTHER collection.
    As for stress, well I thought you were going to say - you can't keep the crap from hitting the fan but you can chose the fan it hits (hint those vintage blades might just decrease the SPLAT that gets back to you :)) Vintage collecting is a great destresser for me!

  10. I grew up in the 50's and all I can say is that it was a pretty good time to grow up. And now that I've heard that Sarah Palin and/or Michelle Bachmann are seriously considering running for presidential office I KNOW things are just about as f**ked up as they'll ever be. I'm going to ask Jabacue to rent me a room up there in Nova Scotia if either one of those women gets elected. An atomic bomb is NOTHING compared to Michelle Bachmann!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes, this response doesn't have much to do with your post but oh, what the hell. You're my friend, you understand. I hope.

  11. Those lamps are cool, but no way would I pay that price. I remember the Cuban missile crisis and it was damn stressful. My parents used to freak out whenever a low jet would go over. Yes, money or the lack thereof is stressful. But, you are right, it doesn't make for happiness. I just know acceptance of where you are at in any given moment is the key, otherwise you can't get past it. That's what I've experienced anyway! Zootsuitmama

  12. I dunno about those lamps, they're like an 80's version of mid century...the wrong color or something.

    I'm not sure I would have liked living within the confines of "women's roles" of the 1950's.

    look at these ads:

  13. 450 bucks is quite insane, I agree "what were they thinking?"

  14. MissNovemberStudio:

    I think you are right!
    1950's themes and reproductions were popular just about every decade from the 70's onward. I remember every year there was some kind of 50's revival: poodle skirts were hot, neck scarfs, hot rods and diners.

    Then it was jukeboxes, cats eye glasses etc.

    The 50's didn't suddenly become popular when Mad Men came out lol, it's had it's following for a long time.

  15. i love that fan! $4520 for the lamps is pretty steep :(

  16. To me part of the fun of vintage is a good deal.I always see that,especially selling on etsy I'm like really?I see other sellers having huge sales and laughing because even on sale my stuff is still cheaper!The price of vintage is just really out of control right now it seems.