Monday, January 31, 2011

A Refund A New Order and a Gimme

The seller of the broken chair was really cool, simply gave me a complete refund which helped. You never know what they are going to say, but this one had one of those gold seals, and those are usually hard working folks. Thanks to all of you who gave me advice on how to fix it, I think I'll hold out and buy a better chair.

So I bought this vanity chair, not for my desk but the small built-in vanity in the master bedroom.

I an DETERMINED to find a chair for both vanity and desk! I've tried a set of old chairs I already had, another chair I bought last year that didn't reassemble and I didn't like, the broken chair (where is that white footstool that matches it?) and now I have my eye on something else for the desk. Gee I hope this pink chair works for the vanity.

And because I have been semi-searching eBay for an old artists art supply box off and on for 10+ years (they always sell for big bucks, go figure), I finally grabbed one for a good deal yesterday.

Both my Mom and her Mom and Aunts were artists, and so am I, or so they say.

I am lucky to have a few art supplies both Mom and Grandma owned, now I have a box to put them in. And use, if I can make the time to get back to my own art!!

I wish I had more of Moms art. I only have about 2-3. I have a few of Grandma's paintings.

Here is a bad polaroid photo (all I have, as the artwork is long gone) of one of Moms charcoal drawings of a piece of driftwood she hauled all the way across the country when my folks moved out here (I still have that piece of wood and most of the other few. The guys I hired to clear the backyard threw out one or two pieces grrr)

I do have the artwork that's just behind this one in the photo, but you see why the vintage art box is sentimental to me.

My great Aunt went to art school around 1919 when women didn't usually do that. I have some of her art too, which is a lot of pencil sketches of women in the 1920's, a few colored pencil drawings too. So charming!

Anyone else have relatives that did any art?

Happy Sunday!


  1. Good for you! Love your mums charcoal drawing. I'm flat out drawing a stick figure, all my family are similarly hopeless.

  2. Good news on the Ebay sale. The good sellers always come through. My mother had that art box for oils. She gave it to me and I gave it to my brother who is a wonderful artist. I'm sure he still has and uses it (fresh oil of course)

  3. Sweet! I still have the drafting table Mom bought years ago. Afraid it's in bad shape, but I intend to re-sand it, varnish it and use it again. Fingers crossed I still can.

  4. I'm glad you got your money back!! I think you can repair that chair...I do!!

  5. Thanks Barbara for your encouragement on the issue. I'm getting soooo tired of damaged and misrepresented items!

    Not sure about a repair, we shall see if I can.

  6. Shucks on the chair - sorry to hear it's broken. It's a neat piece.

    My mom paints in watercolors. Her sister can build things. Her brother is a photographer and documentary film maker.

    My dad works in leather and his mom was the original MacGyver. From what I understand artyness and craftiness runs way back.

    None of us are all that musical though LOL. Oh well, guess we can't have it all.

  7. Too bad about the chair.
    Artists in the shoemaking/cobbler considered an artist? If so, my father's family had a few of them but other than that no artists!

  8. Great news about the refund! It's always refreshing to find a seller on Ebay who is willing to "make it right"-although they wouldn't have had to do that if they would have just listed it right in the first place!

  9. I'm glad you got it out with the seller:) And I think the new chair looks really pretty!! Cool old pencil set too.. How wonderful to hear about your great aunt that went to art school! Can imagine it must have been looked at as rather veird, in a time where women were supposed to stay home clean, give birth and serve their men..

  10. Good news about the refund! And the art box is wonderful. Please show us some of your art!

    My great-grandmother did watercolors. My grandmother learned to paint with oils, and quite well, when she was in her 70s. My mom did watercolors and oils. I do oils and acrylics. And my daughter does acrylics and is a very good photographer. She's by far the most talented of all of us and has shown and sold her work.

  11. Somewhere I had a letter of reply from an art school to one of my great Aunts. You know, I think I tucked it inside a book, and now have no clue where it is? =(

    Maybe in one of the few old art books I have. Surely I must have been that smart.

    Dana I showed my art for a period of time. Won a whole basket full of awards. Sold some on eBay for a while (nothing serious, just little paintings).

    But it never was going to support me, so I had to dedicated my time elsewhere. =/

  12. What a shame the drift wood was thrown out. My mother is quite artistic but I cannot remember which side of her family it comes from. She has a beautiful painting on her wall that came from her Grandmother. She laughs when we tell her she is quite good also (a bit like I do not have an artisitc bone in my body...such a shame.

  13. Im so glad you were able to get your money back on the chair. I love the shape of the new one. What a lovely art box, it must be lovely to be able to draw, go into the country with your pencils on a sunny day and come back with something unique. dee x

  14. haha how funny! i just picked up that same exact sewing chair (but in a lighter wood) a few weeks ago - there is a picture of it on my blog!