Sunday, January 23, 2011

Not A Darn Thing

This mid-century mosaic was a beaut. I considered it. Love the colors and abstract style. But alas it ended higher than I was willing to pay for it. I intend to do my own mid-century style artworks, so buying wall art for a lot of money I simply won't do.

I haven't a darn thing to say! Browsing eBay, but being very picky about what I buy lately.

Oh I got a snarky bitchie comment on a past post lollll... Finally! It's about time!!

The post where I talked about how I love mid-century handmade pottery made by unknown artists (meaning, REGULAR people like you and me, NOT a famous person Duh!!), and that I mentioned if anyone comes across a handmade piece for like $10 at a yard sale or whatever, I'd be interested.

This was in response to a post one of you made about colored glass bottles with stoppers you collect and never paid more than $10 for. I guess moron didn't read that part either.

Anon snark aka miserable ass, didn't read all the other stuff I said and thought I was talking about buying "famous" mid-century pottery pieces and only offering $10, as if I wanted to rip people off somehow?


I get a kick out of dumb trolls! Been on the internet and chat boards longer than most people owned a computer. I've been an admin on a huge message board for years. I get trolled every day. Whoever you are, thanks for the chuckle ya amateur and something to post about, you only proved your own stupidity heh heh.

And I mention it only to tell all of you that getting upset over anonymous losers is a waste of time, so never be hurt by dumb comments. Oh and do what I do, invite anyone to post, but moderate comments so the dummies think it will be posted.

Hee hee hee!!!!!

Happy Sunday!! I hope everyone is doing great!


  1. My favorite troll comment I ever saw was on the NonConsumer Advocate's blog. This woman has been writing for years about a lot of topics, including the challenges of feeding her family a primarily whole foods based diet while doing it on a budget, and some chick (who's had her blog for a whopping 6 weeks?) offers her advice on "getting started with a whole foods diet." I mean it was so rude, and so obvious that this person didn't bother reading anything but that one post, and none of the other comments either. I don't get it, but I'm out here to make friends not piss people off, lol.

  2. lol Most folks simply do not read.

    Another anon person claimed I blamed a seller because a vintage lamp I bought stopped working two hours after I got it unpacked.

    I had NOT blamed the seller, but I said I was disappointed that these things happen.

    Big difference, not sure where the troll thought I was blaming anyone but bad luck?

  3. Some people have nothing but time and bad attitudes.

    And it was ME who rarely pays over 10 for a bottle...

  4. Yikes. You're so much better than me, I have such a hard time laughing off stupid comments, particularly when they're hurtful. So dumb to let them get to me! I need to be more like you!!

  5. Ahh, I thought it was you, Barbara lol... Couldn't be sure!

    AFaNM why take something personally if:

    #1. you don't know the person giving the opinion, therefor do not respect that persons opinion,

    #2. be offended at something that is not true.

    If a 3 year old calls you a doody head, what are you going to do? Argue with them? lol doesn't make sense.

    The same holds true for people who are projecting their own unhappy lives on others. If someone calls you stupid, unless you really are, there is no truth in the statement, so why should it bother you?

    It has nothing to do with the "target", and everything to do with the frustration the other person feels in their life ;)

    Life lesson #297 from 1950's Atomic Ranch House lady. =)

  6. I agree with you I can't say I would get offended by an anon comment by someone whose opinion I care about not one jot!

    You know I like to see you even if you think you have nothing to say, sometimes it's just nice to say I'm here, I'm ok, and hello!

  7. So glad to see you back! I don't understand anonymous posting at all! If ya wanna say something -why hide who you are? Dumb. I think your posts are always awesome and thoughtful and you never fail to comment on mine! Thanks, Zootsuitmama

  8. Thanks STM and ZSM... The recent deal with the evil sibling has taken a lot of out my reasons for doing the house up. Long story, but I'm having to rethink a lot of things.

    Days I can think of a lot to say, others I can't!

  9. You guys make me feel better...I am learning with support from strong and wonderful women to stop being a cry baby and grow a thicker skin. :) That mosiac piece is NICE! Bummer is got away from you.

  10. I learned a long time ago that no one can upset me unless I allow it. I have no control over what idiots say, but I have total control over how I react to I agree completely. Let stupid or hurtful comments roll right off your back!

    In all fairness to you "young 'uns," skin does have a tendency to get thicker as you get older. At age 62, I don't give much of a rat's patootie about what anyone thinks or says about me...LOL

  11. awww bless you, i wouldn't worry over a comment that was anonymous either, to me that says they have no back bone.Love the colours of that Mosiac. Have a lovely week Dee x

  12. Right on Dana lol one of the joys of growing older =)

    Nah, Dee I've been called more names than a sailor has a vocabulary for lol a rude comment is nothing. =)

  13. I need to take this life lesson from you.
    I like to think I don't care about what others think (for the reasons you listed) but when it happens it still irritates me. :)

  14. lol I remember a looooong time ago a friend's husband was arguing with their 4 year old. My friend and I looked at each other, then at him and said... "Why are you arguing with a 4yo? It's not worth it. She has no logic". It took him a while to get it. :)

  15. that mosaic piece is fab, mmaybe you'll show us your own artwork when you get to it.

  16. I got a weird anonymous comment on one of my blogs last week. It was about the town my Mom lives near in Ohio. The person had a list of grievances about the town (a lot of which are true) but named certain people personally for specific problems. I removed the comment and wrote back the the person that while I agree with some of their sentiment, that my lil' blog wasn't the place for such commentary! I haven't heard from them since, but I REALLY wonder who the heck it was! My Mom's community is small. What are the odds of a random stranger finding my single blog about the town. Do I know them? I may never know! I'm glad you are used to handling such things with a grain of salt, I hope I did the right thing in my own situation! At least its nice to know I'm not the only one :-)