Sunday, January 23, 2011

Not A Darn Thing

This mid-century mosaic was a beaut. I considered it. Love the colors and abstract style. But alas it ended higher than I was willing to pay for it. I intend to do my own mid-century style artworks, so buying wall art for a lot of money I simply won't do.

I haven't a darn thing to say! Browsing eBay, but being very picky about what I buy lately.

Oh I got a snarky bitchie comment on a past post lollll... Finally! It's about time!!

The post where I talked about how I love mid-century handmade pottery made by unknown artists (meaning, REGULAR people like you and me, NOT a famous person Duh!!), and that I mentioned if anyone comes across a handmade piece for like $10 at a yard sale or whatever, I'd be interested.

This was in response to a post one of you made about colored glass bottles with stoppers you collect and never paid more than $10 for. I guess moron didn't read that part either.

Anon snark aka miserable ass, didn't read all the other stuff I said and thought I was talking about buying "famous" mid-century pottery pieces and only offering $10, as if I wanted to rip people off somehow?


I get a kick out of dumb trolls! Been on the internet and chat boards longer than most people owned a computer. I've been an admin on a huge message board for years. I get trolled every day. Whoever you are, thanks for the chuckle ya amateur and something to post about, you only proved your own stupidity heh heh.

And I mention it only to tell all of you that getting upset over anonymous losers is a waste of time, so never be hurt by dumb comments. Oh and do what I do, invite anyone to post, but moderate comments so the dummies think it will be posted.

Hee hee hee!!!!!

Happy Sunday!! I hope everyone is doing great!