Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Nostalgia of Our Childhood

For those of us past, say, 40 years old, it's fun to remember the "simple" days of our childhood. At least it is for me.

By the way, these photos were nabbed off the internet. I'm too lazy (busy, actually) to dig out and photograph the few I do have lol).

Remember when you were a kid, and adults used to tell you to "enjoy life while you are a kid"?

I remember thinking back then, there must be some secret to being a kid that was supposed to make you happy and I was missing it? I wanted to know what it was, but had to wait until I was much older to understand.

I have two dear friends and count myself fortunate to have so many. Making close friends was never easy for me as I never seemed to be able to relate to too many people in a close way (too many "friends" came and went in my life, and that always made me sad. I don't know why it worked out that way, I tried to stay friends with them all. Such is life).

But one of my two dear friends and I often talk about the fun we had when we were kids.

Oh at the time, I don't recall it being super fantastic. As I said, I tried to understand why adults kept telling me to enjoy it, but it didn't seem as charming or simple until several decades slipped by.

I wonder why that is? Do we forget how hard it is to be a kid as we get older?

At any rate, I was horse crazy as a kid. Just loved them, and somehow Mom got me a pony one year. It was one of the best things she ever got me, second was the doll house she had made for me. I miss the joy I felt simply being able to hang out at the horse corral down the street (it's now a retirement community, horses long gone).

Gee I remember having so much fun being around horses as a kid!

There used to be an old fashioned roller rink in my town, complete with old organ music and an announcer who would announce "Ladies choice now, ladies choice" or whatever.

That building became a social services office when the new rink with rock music was built (that's long gone now too).

Or the fun we used to have at the small local lake, riding the old wooden motor boats around the murky green water, and the small circus or carnival rides they had there, complete with a calliope and merry go round and a Tilt A Whirl ride.

My friend and I indulge in these fond childhood memories as an escape to the daily grind of life as an adult. What happened to the fun lazy days we enjoyed as kids?

Oops this last photo IS mine, found on google from a long ago post. My poor vintage cooler has seen better days, but then again, so has my old tired body ha ha ha.

You don't have to be over 40 to know what I am talking about, but the older you get, the more meaning these memories have.

What fond childhood memories do you indulge in?