Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More eBay Bad Luck - Bum Chair Deal

This chair arrived, and I discovered a crack in one of the legs, where the leg meets the bottom of the chair, and is bolted into the base. (The bolt goes down into the top of the wooden leg, and it's cracked along the grain of the wood on both sides of the chair leg).

I mean, the whole chair wobbled, and that's why. Seller didn't notice?

I can return the chair, but I'd wind up paying more than I paid for the cost of the chair itself.

I don't even feel like trying to hassle with the seller, what else can they do but offer a refund after I return the item?

Gee I get tired of this kind of thing happening. I always pick sellers with good feedback. 99.5% or better.

Any suggestions on some kind of small metal strap I can tighten around the top of the chair leg to shore it up and try to use it? Or some other method?


Bummed in My 1950's Atomic Ranch House.