Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mid-Century 1960's Cat Bank

This is slightly too 60's for me, but thought it might look nice with Mom's rimini blue Bitossi bird...

These ceramic and/or pressed cellulose banks were popular when I was a kid, I'm sure I had at least one of them.

And for $10-$15 I would have snagged it...

But $55 where the bid ended?

No thanks!!

Forgot to bid on a pair of pink lamps. I know, I should use a snipe program, but I usually remember...

But what I really want are the same pair of lamps Mom had in the master bedroom, you know, like the perfect pink pair I saw, and didn't bid on because I didn't think I'd want them so bad? Moms were a dark green. These were pink, like the bedroom wall color. Exactly the kind Mom had in a better color:

Why didn't I buy them??? Now I scan eBay lamp auctions in hopes of finding another pair. They are not valuable or expensive, but I've only seen this design twice. They are an Asian style, like I said, not popular at all. But I'm sure I'll never find them in pink again, which is exactly what I need. Sigh.

If you ever come across a pair exactly like these, please let me know.

Oh gosh! My blog was two years old yesterday. Happy blog Birthday to me!

Happy Saturday!