Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years Day!

The Rose Parade is a big deal here in southern California. Do other people watch this in other states/countries, or is it mostly a local thing?

I've never been, no thanks! It's cold this morning, the crowds are always huge, and a lot of people are still drinking from the night before.

But I do try to catch most of it from the warm comfort of my own home.

1950's Atomic Ranch House lady got her annual Jury Duty summons... I know I should feel better about doing it, but I'm not very excited. I sat on a trial once already and I'm afraid it was a bit of a joke.

A couple jurors got hung up on the stupidest minor details, and anyone with common sense would have never made a big deal about them.

What about you? Happy to do your civic duty or do you groan over it too? lol...

Happy 2011 everyone, remember to date all your checks with the proper year!