Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Me!

(Not my Birthday photo, but I'll borrow this one from the internet).

Well well, I guess my Birthday present was being cut loose from jury duty this year. They did keep me guessing all the way up until today, Friday at noon when I had to call and check one last time. Can you imagine having to go downtown in your city of a gazillion million people and try to find a parking spot at noon? Ha!

My one dear friend remembered to wish me a Happy Birthday, the other one always forgets. Ahh oh well, just glad to have made it to another year!

Passed on a whole bolt (50 feet!!) of cool atomic cloth.

At the $300 ending bid it was a decent price (about $19 US a yard), but nahhhh. I have most of my living room curtains covered, and even 50 yards would not have been enough of this one kind of material. I hope I can find something in the regular store to match the background off-white color of my vintage one's. That'll do. But I do hope one of my blogger friends snagged this great bolt of cloth!

At any rate, I hope everyone is doing well on this fine Friday!