Monday, January 10, 2011

Gifts - What Do You Buy For Friends?

For some reason, I am terrible at gift buying. I think I fret way too much over getting the "right" gift.

I have a lovely acquaintance who has sent me three gifts, NICE gifts so far over the past few years.

I have sent nothing!

She is from Australia, here in the states, likes vintage, but darned if I can remember what kind? Italian Renaissance? I have no idea what that is =( And it looks expensive.

So she recently sent me something again, and I must send something back.

A lovely vintage or cute pin like the one's pictured here?

Some Bath and Body Works goodies?


I am terrible at these things!

What do you give when you are not sure?

And does it really matter if it's not "perfect"?

Am I worrying too much if she will "like it"? (Yes!!)

Your suggestions would be most helpful!