Saturday, January 29, 2011

Deciding What Vintage Things to Buy

No matter how many decades I have been shopping for vintage goodies, I still have trouble passing on a lot of the "smaller" things.

I'm an artist, or so they tell me, and I have already bought a nice collection of vintage artist supplies, but I'll see something else and be so charmed by it, it's hard to pass up!

Because this was more for children, I let it slide. But gee it's cute, and a whole complete set!

Then we have a stack of "sleaze" pulp books (they have great covers too) and I think: Those would look good in the master bedroom on the headboard or nightstand.

But gee, Mom had so many old books already, just doesn't seem right to buy more.

I could use the tri-fold vanity mirror, again in the master bedroom on the desk, but I really should hold out for a larger wall mirror.

Dolls? Mom loved dolls. They were her passion, and bride and groom dolls were a favorite too, but golly, she had so many dolls, I had to get rid of a lot. I have not been able to display many of her hand-made cloth dolls either due to space, much less justify buying more dolls. I bought the one small, handmade doll and a lot of her handmade clothing already which I adore, but buy more? I just can't.

Or doll clothes for the dolls Mom made. I mean, the ad read: "1940's doll dress Mommie made".

Awww! For me that's hard to resist, because I think it would be fun to dress Moms dolls in vintage outfits. Silly, huh?

But these "small" items add up. At around $10-$20 per, and $8-$14 s/h, four - five "small" items bought are $100 spent that could have gone towards buying that perfect vanity chair or atomic lamp.

I do love to shop, but we all have limited space.

I was watching another interior design makeover show, and what did they do? Take away all the small "clutter" stuff and bring in a few, larger items. It DID look great.

I stick to one era, particular colors, and try to get things I really need and can use, but it's not easy.

I also try to hold out for the things that really excite me. That I know I cannot live without.

Do you still have trouble passing on the smaller stuff like I do?

How do you decide what to buy?