Sunday, January 16, 2011

1950's Storage Chair and Footstool Bench

I've been looking for a matching pair of desk/vanity chairs for the master bedroom for a long time.

I gave up, because the vanity is set in the wall so low, I knew I'd need a bench and not a chair.

The desk is also set low to the ground (A Drexel Wormley, I believe, as is the matching chest of drawers).

The chair I bought for the desk? I've never been happy with it. A center nut and screw never screwed back in when I reassembled it, it was so rusted so badly, which makes it unstable.

It's as hard as a church pew, and the color is a bit too vintage-looking for the room.

So I finally settled on this storage chair/footstool combo. Not exactly matching... Fingers crossed they will work out. The prices were right, so if not, I won't feel as though I was cheated!.

Happy Sunday. I hope everyone is doing well!