Monday, January 31, 2011

A Refund A New Order and a Gimme

The seller of the broken chair was really cool, simply gave me a complete refund which helped. You never know what they are going to say, but this one had one of those gold seals, and those are usually hard working folks. Thanks to all of you who gave me advice on how to fix it, I think I'll hold out and buy a better chair.

So I bought this vanity chair, not for my desk but the small built-in vanity in the master bedroom.

I an DETERMINED to find a chair for both vanity and desk! I've tried a set of old chairs I already had, another chair I bought last year that didn't reassemble and I didn't like, the broken chair (where is that white footstool that matches it?) and now I have my eye on something else for the desk. Gee I hope this pink chair works for the vanity.

And because I have been semi-searching eBay for an old artists art supply box off and on for 10+ years (they always sell for big bucks, go figure), I finally grabbed one for a good deal yesterday.

Both my Mom and her Mom and Aunts were artists, and so am I, or so they say.

I am lucky to have a few art supplies both Mom and Grandma owned, now I have a box to put them in. And use, if I can make the time to get back to my own art!!

I wish I had more of Moms art. I only have about 2-3. I have a few of Grandma's paintings.

Here is a bad polaroid photo (all I have, as the artwork is long gone) of one of Moms charcoal drawings of a piece of driftwood she hauled all the way across the country when my folks moved out here (I still have that piece of wood and most of the other few. The guys I hired to clear the backyard threw out one or two pieces grrr)

I do have the artwork that's just behind this one in the photo, but you see why the vintage art box is sentimental to me.

My great Aunt went to art school around 1919 when women didn't usually do that. I have some of her art too, which is a lot of pencil sketches of women in the 1920's, a few colored pencil drawings too. So charming!

Anyone else have relatives that did any art?

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Deciding What Vintage Things to Buy

No matter how many decades I have been shopping for vintage goodies, I still have trouble passing on a lot of the "smaller" things.

I'm an artist, or so they tell me, and I have already bought a nice collection of vintage artist supplies, but I'll see something else and be so charmed by it, it's hard to pass up!

Because this was more for children, I let it slide. But gee it's cute, and a whole complete set!

Then we have a stack of "sleaze" pulp books (they have great covers too) and I think: Those would look good in the master bedroom on the headboard or nightstand.

But gee, Mom had so many old books already, just doesn't seem right to buy more.

I could use the tri-fold vanity mirror, again in the master bedroom on the desk, but I really should hold out for a larger wall mirror.

Dolls? Mom loved dolls. They were her passion, and bride and groom dolls were a favorite too, but golly, she had so many dolls, I had to get rid of a lot. I have not been able to display many of her hand-made cloth dolls either due to space, much less justify buying more dolls. I bought the one small, handmade doll and a lot of her handmade clothing already which I adore, but buy more? I just can't.

Or doll clothes for the dolls Mom made. I mean, the ad read: "1940's doll dress Mommie made".

Awww! For me that's hard to resist, because I think it would be fun to dress Moms dolls in vintage outfits. Silly, huh?

But these "small" items add up. At around $10-$20 per, and $8-$14 s/h, four - five "small" items bought are $100 spent that could have gone towards buying that perfect vanity chair or atomic lamp.

I do love to shop, but we all have limited space.

I was watching another interior design makeover show, and what did they do? Take away all the small "clutter" stuff and bring in a few, larger items. It DID look great.

I stick to one era, particular colors, and try to get things I really need and can use, but it's not easy.

I also try to hold out for the things that really excite me. That I know I cannot live without.

Do you still have trouble passing on the smaller stuff like I do?

How do you decide what to buy?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Me!

(Not my Birthday photo, but I'll borrow this one from the internet).

Well well, I guess my Birthday present was being cut loose from jury duty this year. They did keep me guessing all the way up until today, Friday at noon when I had to call and check one last time. Can you imagine having to go downtown in your city of a gazillion million people and try to find a parking spot at noon? Ha!

My one dear friend remembered to wish me a Happy Birthday, the other one always forgets. Ahh oh well, just glad to have made it to another year!

Passed on a whole bolt (50 feet!!) of cool atomic cloth.

At the $300 ending bid it was a decent price (about $19 US a yard), but nahhhh. I have most of my living room curtains covered, and even 50 yards would not have been enough of this one kind of material. I hope I can find something in the regular store to match the background off-white color of my vintage one's. That'll do. But I do hope one of my blogger friends snagged this great bolt of cloth!

At any rate, I hope everyone is doing well on this fine Friday!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More eBay Bad Luck - Bum Chair Deal

This chair arrived, and I discovered a crack in one of the legs, where the leg meets the bottom of the chair, and is bolted into the base. (The bolt goes down into the top of the wooden leg, and it's cracked along the grain of the wood on both sides of the chair leg).

I mean, the whole chair wobbled, and that's why. Seller didn't notice?

I can return the chair, but I'd wind up paying more than I paid for the cost of the chair itself.

I don't even feel like trying to hassle with the seller, what else can they do but offer a refund after I return the item?

Gee I get tired of this kind of thing happening. I always pick sellers with good feedback. 99.5% or better.

Any suggestions on some kind of small metal strap I can tighten around the top of the chair leg to shore it up and try to use it? Or some other method?


Bummed in My 1950's Atomic Ranch House.



Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Nostalgia of Our Childhood

For those of us past, say, 40 years old, it's fun to remember the "simple" days of our childhood. At least it is for me.

By the way, these photos were nabbed off the internet. I'm too lazy (busy, actually) to dig out and photograph the few I do have lol).

Remember when you were a kid, and adults used to tell you to "enjoy life while you are a kid"?

I remember thinking back then, there must be some secret to being a kid that was supposed to make you happy and I was missing it? I wanted to know what it was, but had to wait until I was much older to understand.

I have two dear friends and count myself fortunate to have so many. Making close friends was never easy for me as I never seemed to be able to relate to too many people in a close way (too many "friends" came and went in my life, and that always made me sad. I don't know why it worked out that way, I tried to stay friends with them all. Such is life).

But one of my two dear friends and I often talk about the fun we had when we were kids.

Oh at the time, I don't recall it being super fantastic. As I said, I tried to understand why adults kept telling me to enjoy it, but it didn't seem as charming or simple until several decades slipped by.

I wonder why that is? Do we forget how hard it is to be a kid as we get older?

At any rate, I was horse crazy as a kid. Just loved them, and somehow Mom got me a pony one year. It was one of the best things she ever got me, second was the doll house she had made for me. I miss the joy I felt simply being able to hang out at the horse corral down the street (it's now a retirement community, horses long gone).

Gee I remember having so much fun being around horses as a kid!

There used to be an old fashioned roller rink in my town, complete with old organ music and an announcer who would announce "Ladies choice now, ladies choice" or whatever.

That building became a social services office when the new rink with rock music was built (that's long gone now too).

Or the fun we used to have at the small local lake, riding the old wooden motor boats around the murky green water, and the small circus or carnival rides they had there, complete with a calliope and merry go round and a Tilt A Whirl ride.

My friend and I indulge in these fond childhood memories as an escape to the daily grind of life as an adult. What happened to the fun lazy days we enjoyed as kids?

Oops this last photo IS mine, found on google from a long ago post. My poor vintage cooler has seen better days, but then again, so has my old tired body ha ha ha.

You don't have to be over 40 to know what I am talking about, but the older you get, the more meaning these memories have.

What fond childhood memories do you indulge in?

Monday, January 24, 2011

1950's Sputnik Starburst Vases or Candle Holders

I've seen these quite often on eBay, and I couldn't resist this pair for under $10. Seller claims they are pink, but we'll see when they arrive.

These were also described as 6" tall and 1 & 1/2" openings. The openings are bigger, I'm sure.

At any rate, I will burn little votive candles in them as I adore having candles burning. I like to be safe, so don't use any candles unless they are set down inside protective glass containers.

Mom used to have a few candles in this glass shape, a red glass with a sort of netting pulled over the glass. You know, like the plastic netting they still use for bags of onions and such at the grocery store?

They were very common in restaurants and such back in the 50's-70's or so. Does anyone remember?

I haven't specifically searched for those, and places that sell tiki stuff might carry them, but I have not seen any for sale in all my vintage and mid-century searches.

A quick google search didn't bring any up either.

If you know what I am talking about, and have seen them, let me know!!

Happy Monday, how is everyone doing?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Not A Darn Thing

This mid-century mosaic was a beaut. I considered it. Love the colors and abstract style. But alas it ended higher than I was willing to pay for it. I intend to do my own mid-century style artworks, so buying wall art for a lot of money I simply won't do.

I haven't a darn thing to say! Browsing eBay, but being very picky about what I buy lately.

Oh I got a snarky bitchie comment on a past post lollll... Finally! It's about time!!

The post where I talked about how I love mid-century handmade pottery made by unknown artists (meaning, REGULAR people like you and me, NOT a famous person Duh!!), and that I mentioned if anyone comes across a handmade piece for like $10 at a yard sale or whatever, I'd be interested.

This was in response to a post one of you made about colored glass bottles with stoppers you collect and never paid more than $10 for. I guess moron didn't read that part either.

Anon snark aka miserable ass, didn't read all the other stuff I said and thought I was talking about buying "famous" mid-century pottery pieces and only offering $10, as if I wanted to rip people off somehow?


I get a kick out of dumb trolls! Been on the internet and chat boards longer than most people owned a computer. I've been an admin on a huge message board for years. I get trolled every day. Whoever you are, thanks for the chuckle ya amateur and something to post about, you only proved your own stupidity heh heh.

And I mention it only to tell all of you that getting upset over anonymous losers is a waste of time, so never be hurt by dumb comments. Oh and do what I do, invite anyone to post, but moderate comments so the dummies think it will be posted.

Hee hee hee!!!!!

Happy Sunday!! I hope everyone is doing great!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

1950's Storage Chair and Footstool Bench

I've been looking for a matching pair of desk/vanity chairs for the master bedroom for a long time.

I gave up, because the vanity is set in the wall so low, I knew I'd need a bench and not a chair.

The desk is also set low to the ground (A Drexel Wormley, I believe, as is the matching chest of drawers).

The chair I bought for the desk? I've never been happy with it. A center nut and screw never screwed back in when I reassembled it, it was so rusted so badly, which makes it unstable.

It's as hard as a church pew, and the color is a bit too vintage-looking for the room.

So I finally settled on this storage chair/footstool combo. Not exactly matching... Fingers crossed they will work out. The prices were right, so if not, I won't feel as though I was cheated!.

Happy Sunday. I hope everyone is doing well!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mid-Century 1960's Cat Bank

This is slightly too 60's for me, but thought it might look nice with Mom's rimini blue Bitossi bird...

These ceramic and/or pressed cellulose banks were popular when I was a kid, I'm sure I had at least one of them.

And for $10-$15 I would have snagged it...

But $55 where the bid ended?

No thanks!!

Forgot to bid on a pair of pink lamps. I know, I should use a snipe program, but I usually remember...

But what I really want are the same pair of lamps Mom had in the master bedroom, you know, like the perfect pink pair I saw, and didn't bid on because I didn't think I'd want them so bad? Moms were a dark green. These were pink, like the bedroom wall color. Exactly the kind Mom had in a better color:

Why didn't I buy them??? Now I scan eBay lamp auctions in hopes of finding another pair. They are not valuable or expensive, but I've only seen this design twice. They are an Asian style, like I said, not popular at all. But I'm sure I'll never find them in pink again, which is exactly what I need. Sigh.

If you ever come across a pair exactly like these, please let me know.

Oh gosh! My blog was two years old yesterday. Happy blog Birthday to me!

Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let's Make This Bitch and Whine Wednesday!! Post Your Rants!

That's right!

Are you having a bad day? Week? Month? Year? Blow it off here!!

What has been bothering you lately?

Annoying you?

What gets on your nerves lately?

Vent and feel better!

My list for now: Intenet connection is sucking nuts today lol. The new website template I got I can't figure out. I have to pay my quarterly taxes soon, I have jury duty at the end of the month, one of my best friends is acting like he doesn't like me any more, I can't change the color of my blog, I had to get a new business blog because somehow the other one vanished, my stomach hurts and I have not been able to find anything vintage cool in too long!

OK, your turn!! =D

Changing Blog Background Color, Fonts Etc...

OK my blog friends, I used to be able to find where you change the colors of your blog background, font colors etc, but I have clicked and clicked and checked, and be darned if I can find it anymore!!

Please help.

Thanks in advance. =)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Gifts - What Do You Buy For Friends?

For some reason, I am terrible at gift buying. I think I fret way too much over getting the "right" gift.

I have a lovely acquaintance who has sent me three gifts, NICE gifts so far over the past few years.

I have sent nothing!

She is from Australia, here in the states, likes vintage, but darned if I can remember what kind? Italian Renaissance? I have no idea what that is =( And it looks expensive.

So she recently sent me something again, and I must send something back.

A lovely vintage or cute pin like the one's pictured here?

Some Bath and Body Works goodies?


I am terrible at these things!

What do you give when you are not sure?

And does it really matter if it's not "perfect"?

Am I worrying too much if she will "like it"? (Yes!!)

Your suggestions would be most helpful!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Regretsy.com Hilarious!!

Thanks to Perdita who pointed this website out to me.


Where you can find all kinds of crazy things being sold on ETSY!

I think this post is one of the funniest: A disgruntled ETSY seller gets mad: HERE.


There is adult language on the site, so if you are sensitive, best skip it ;)

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

What Are They Thinking?

They are cool alright, but $450 cool? Not in my opinion!

But someone else thinks so.

I see quite a few things on eBay with insane high prices and wonder about the seller: "What are they thinking!?"

You know, I've come to another conclusion after dealing with another crisis (work related, won't bore you)...

And here is 1950's Atomic Ranch House lady's sage life advice:

You can't stop the crap from hitting the fan of your life, but you CAN choose how to react to it.

And believe me, I used to hop around mad, cry, blame my bad luck... All kinds of things when I was younger and life kept tossing me the lemons.

Now I don't mean you should whistle a happy tune while, say, your car breaks down before that important interview and you forgot your cell phone, for instance, but you can take a deep breathe, and try to flag someone down who will call a tow truck (and have your can of mace ready just in case they are a serial killer) or walk to the nearest phone (if they still have pay phones... Somewhere).

So, there you are.

Another life lesson from 1950's Atomic Ranch House lady.

How are all my blogger friends doing?

How do you handle the stressful things that life tosses your way?

Do you think life really was less stressful in the 50's?

I tend to think things like the threat of nuclear annihilation might have been an awful big worry!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years Day!

The Rose Parade is a big deal here in southern California. Do other people watch this in other states/countries, or is it mostly a local thing?

I've never been, no thanks! It's cold this morning, the crowds are always huge, and a lot of people are still drinking from the night before.

But I do try to catch most of it from the warm comfort of my own home.

1950's Atomic Ranch House lady got her annual Jury Duty summons... I know I should feel better about doing it, but I'm not very excited. I sat on a trial once already and I'm afraid it was a bit of a joke.

A couple jurors got hung up on the stupidest minor details, and anyone with common sense would have never made a big deal about them.

What about you? Happy to do your civic duty or do you groan over it too? lol...

Happy 2011 everyone, remember to date all your checks with the proper year!