Monday, December 6, 2010

Share Your Blog - Let's Make New Friends!

By the way, the above photo is NOT me, but jeepers! What a thing to wake up to on Christmas morning!!

In the spirit of Christmas, and thanks for the idea from Brittany, I thought I'd do a post on sharing our blogs in hopes many of you will find new friends!

Here's what you do:

Just make a post (your name is already linked to your blog, or add your blog addy if you like) and give a brief description of what your blog is about!

Does NOT have to be a vintage blog! I'm also an artist, entrepreneur, etc etc among many other things, so I love to read all sorts of blogs!


When I started blogging, I "followed" about 200 blogs, but only got 15-20 followers back! I thought maybe I did something wrong? lol... YES! I had not gone in my profile, and added my blog link to my website address, so there was no back link to my blog from my little avatar icon! Be sure to do this so you don't "lose" followers like I did.

If someone follows your blog, it's awfully nice if you follow theirs back. I do this for everyone who has that backlink to their blog.

Check back for additional blogs to visit by reading the list of blog comments.

That's it!

Let's network and make new blog friends!

My blog description:

Bringing my childhood 1950's, post-war, baby-boomer, mid-century atomic ranch style house back to her former glory. I post antique, vintage, retro items, photos, links and topics daily (sometimes more!) for your viewing pleasure and mine. I am a professional artist and movie lover in addition to being the CEO and entrepreneur of my businesses, among many other things.

Now share yours!!