Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year - What Will You Be Doing?

Barbara was asking us what we will be doing on this New Years Eve?

Me, I'll either be sleeping or waking up, as I tend to be an early riser. Very early.

As for not spending it with a significant other?

I used to feel like I was missing out when I was younger, you know, like everyone who had a boyfriend or husband or whatever were part of some club I never seemed to belong to...

(I cared for ailing parents for most of my life, had a couple steadies, then spent the rest of my "free" time working and putting myself through college. Not exactly "sexy" according to those I encountered, hence I was not "in the club").

I think about the time I did have a steady, and went to a New Years Eve party.

I was never comfortable at these kinds of functions. The women were catty, and being a lightweight, wound up drinking too much, and spent the rest of the night leaning out of the side of his car, sick, with him saying "Can we go yet?"


One other New Year with 'beau', spending it with my parents, and 10 minutes before midnight, he wanted to go to HIS parents house (where I guess he thought it more lively than sick parents). We walked in at midnight.

I was not happy. I realized, if this was the "club" I thought I was missing out on all that time, I did not want to belong. I revoked my membership. No thanks!

Another boyfriend soon after, and I don't think we did anything for the New Year. He didn't even bother. It was then I went to college (I dated during High School and took off one semester between high school and college to date these winners).

And to think all that time, I thought I was missing out on something wonderful. Ha!

Once I hit college, there was little time for dating between all my responsibilities, and a steady, much less a husband, just wasn't in the cards.

Oh, now 1950's Atomic Ranch House lady was by NO means a "chaste nun", and had her male companion "encounters" tee hee, a topic for another day, I've known some wonderful men.

But for me, I was glad in the long run I didn't "couple up".

It wasn't easy caring for my parents, but I didn't go through the marriage and kids and divorces and affairs and nonsense my friends and acquaintances did. I guess they were trying to find that same "club of belonging" too, and never really did. Now they care for kids or grandkids and exs and parents and stopped acting like they belong to a private club I did not.

I can do what I want, when I want, wherever I want. I like that.

Funny how life unfurls, isn't it?

So what are the things you reflect on during the upcoming New Year?



  1. New Year's Eve sucks. Don't worry about it.

  2. Can't say as I reflect on things much, I prefer to look forward which is more positive for me. I 'got over' New Years a while ago, so I don't really do it any more. I'm just as happy to be home with my little one :)

  3. Kitty I am so glad I am older! I do reflect on the past year in terms of business, and how well I did, and strategies for the new year. It sure pays better than all the silly parties any of my friends ever went to lol...

  4. I sometimes like to sleep on Christmas Eve and wake up the day after Epiphany, when everything is over to return to my daily routine. I know how you feel.

  5. Utah Oilfield TrashDecember 28, 2010 at 6:59 AM

    We haven't planned for New Years. We used to invite people over for "junk poker" where we would all gamble our unwanted Christmas gifts. This year most of our friends are likely going out to celebrate at the local bars. I'm not one to spend my time in a bar during the rest of the year so I wont participate. I like the idea of being home celebrating with a nice bottle of wine. Happiest of New Years to you Ranch House Lady!!!

  6. I'm trying desperately to reflect on something, but I'm cooped up with a fussy husband and kids!
    Your post reminds me of the one and only time I went to a fancy new year's eve party. It was before I met the husband. My dance partner/flavor-of-the-moment and I, and several friends went to see a local swing band. It was a very fun night, with balloons dropping from the ceiling, the band playing auld lang syne, champagne toast, and after midnight breakfast buffet. I wore a sparkly dress. It was exactly the way I had always imagined a 40s or 50s NYE party to be like! All that said, flavor-of-the-moment dumped me not long after, lol. These days we invite all our other friends-without- babysitters to come with their kids to our house for movies, games and pizza. It's actually pretty fun, and the kids like to wear the silly hats and use the noisemakers, plus we can just relax and hang with our friends.

  7. I love the pictures you've chosen for this post. They are so sweet with such a sense of nostalgia.

  8. I found an Italian buffet-style meal with recipes in a 1966 Cosmopolitan article... I think I'm going to do my best to recreate it with some frugal alterations. When it said "Your sumptous Antipasto spread for eight people will cost you under sixteen dollars!" I forgot to figure for inflation... that's almost $100 in 2010 dollars! Hope you have a good one.

  9. Thanks, Utah Oil Field!

    Sounds like the rest of you have either good memories or great plans!

  10. When I comes to reflection I like to think about what I was doing 5 or 10 years ago. Kind of amuses me. Ten years ago I went to a co-ed sleepover at a friend's house. Even though at that time we were all freshman in college it was just a silly, innocent good time watching stupid comedies and doing karaoke. Five years ago I was married with an 8 month old daughter. I drove all night to GA (said daughter was with my parents) to meet my husband who was just coming home from his second deployment to Iraq. We both fell asleep before midnight. LOL

    Currently I have no plans for this New Year's. Even if we had a babysitter I am more than content staying at home with my husband and a pizza. :)

  11. Seriously, I've done nothing but go to bed on New Years Eve for the past 20 years. It's an overrated holiday!!

  12. what am I doing celebrating the new year, my hubby is making collard greens and black eyed peas (legend has it that if you eat that, your financial luck will increase fr the upcoming new year) I am also baking oysters on the half shell (my family's tradition)...my new years 2011 resolution will be that I promise myself to craft alot more than I did in 2010...

  13. I always wanted to go to a fancy dress New Year's Eve party where streamers and confetti and balloons fell from the ceiling; where I'd be drinking champagne from a gorgeous fluted glass in a fabulous blue sequiney dress, with fabulous hair.

    Alas, that's never happened. However, I'm okay with our staying in New Year's Eves. We've gone out a few times (1999-2000, in which my flu turned into pneumonia) but I'm more comfortable staying home and enjoying the company of my husband and my furkids.

    This year I actually said to my husband, "Let's get some champagne, some munchies, and just stay in for NYE." He grinned and said sure. We're going to get some fabulous glasses and our pjs and watch TV, probably reruns of X-files on Netflix. It'll be comfortable and warm.

  14. I married the first time when I was 18 and the second time when I was 25. When the second marriage ended, my daughter was 7 years old, and I decided to put my effort into being a mom and only date occasionally. I will admit that I had some memorable New Year's Eve dates along the way, but the most wonderful of all was when I was 51 and had just recently met the love of my life. That was the big Y2K New Year's, and he brought champagne, flutes with the "1999" on them, a big loaf of hot French bread, a huge platter of boiled shrimp and a box of wonderful chocolates, and we spent the evening in front of the fireplace. He passed away in 2006, so we didn't have a lot of years together, but he made them all extraordinary. The line from Steel Magnolias "I'd rather have 30 minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special" always makes me think of him. Good memories!

  15. Oh Dana, I'm so sorry!

    My family never did anything special in particular, but I was glad to spend it with them.

  16. I have had some stonking NYE in the past but only when I was a singer & in a band, we played at some great parties all over Europe and got treated beautifully, dressed glam & got free drink! However I have to say that i have rarely had a good NYE any other times, occasional parties with friends, but in recent years one of our favourite ones was just me & OH, a nice meal, fine wine & watching old movies, fabulous!

    This year we have a couple of friends over but it won't exactly be a party.

    I do think NYE is overrated. When we weren't gigging we'd go to London to events, it was always hideous getting there and home & wherever we went was packed to the rafters, so not that much fun!

    Like I say had fabulous, glamour filled ones, but now don't much care for it!

  17. I usually try to go to bed before midnight so I won't get depressed. I have had some crazy New Years, been drunk, made an ass of myself, etc. when I was younger, been married been divorced...Now, I've been on my own for years. I, too, have tried to date, especially since I started back to school, and of course, they never understood anything but "hanging out"..not studying etc. So...I'm not saying the parties,etc. don't look fun, but like the song says, "To everything there is a season"...Right now, I am just happy to snuggle with my pets. I used to babysit my granddaughters before their mom took them to Florida, and we'd drink sparkling grape juice and watch Rockin' New Years eve. That's another story. All in all, we are all ok, because we choose to celebrate everyday. Zootsuitmama

  18. This post made me realize I have had no really awesome NYEs. Even with my now husband, since we don't drink or party we are usually in bed by 10...however in our other house we were usually jarred awake by the neighbor that shot dynamite...no kidding.