Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cute Way To Display Vintage Ornaments

I had this same idea years ago and bought some wreath rings to glue things onto. Then life came along and I got distracted. Never did it.

But Mom had this huge miniature Christmas village, and we'd planned on doing something like this. Otherwise, her village never got displayed because it took too long to pack and unpack. (And she had so much else to unpack and display).

If glued to a wreath, you just whip it out and hang!

But... Only if you don't mind attaching ornaments or things to a wreath ring, it's an adorable idea. I'm not sure I would do this, except with the boxes and boxes of vintage blue ornaments I wound up with somehow.

Then again, I don't think Mom would care if I glued Christmas village stuff to wreath rings... (She's gone, now). It still does not get displayed, I don't have what it takes to unpack it all.

I hope all my blogger friends are doing well. The rain stopped here in southern California and it's beautiful.

A bit tense over that relative deal mentioned a couple posts ago, as he is now in town. I hope he found other accommodations and doesn't try to make a scene. It's too depressing to spell out, you don't want to hear the details, but I will be feeling better in a few days when I am sure he left town again.

I hope your holidays are going a bit better than mine.

Meanwhile, I appreciate reading all of your cheerful blogs!!