Monday, December 13, 2010

1950's Pink Lux Kitchen Timer

Hard to see it in the small photo, but the price was right. Fingers crossed it will be a good transaction (new-ish seller). I tend to buy things I can use in my house. Practical and pink, like my kitchen!

Happy Monday!

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Oh and arg@me! I forgot to mention Vintage Christine's giveaway and it's over!

I have not been entering giveawyas for a few reasons! I feel guilty! I always feel like I am bothering that person who has to find things, pack and ship! I also know, a lot of you "youngin's" need vintage things more than I do. And I haven't been able to manage a giveaway for a whole number of reasons, so it's selfish of me to enter! So it's not personal if I don't enter, I think I am helping in my way. Does that make sense or do I sound like a crazy old lady? lol....