Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve - Eve!

Happy New Year, all you wonderful people!

Mom got this about 25 years ago. She'd seen the same decoration at a place where she worked and wanted one just like it.

It's an over-sized champagne glass filled with iridescent gift packing stuff (what the heck is it called? Looks like rainbow colored plastic straw I guess lol), then she bought these Christmas ornaments that look like bubbles, champagne bubbles! Arrange and wha-la, looks like a giant champagne glass, bubbling over with champagne! Instant New Year decoration!

It's so easy to set up and take down. This is what I love, decorating done easy.

OK, so I ripped this off from last year's post, because I have yet to take the box with the New Year decoration out yet! *blush*

But I have been, as ever, crazy busy with work.

At any rate, thanks for letting me vent a few times throughout these past couple weeks. I guess this wasn't the "best" holiday season for me, but it sure helped to be able to say it, and hear that a lot of you also find this season... A challenge.

I hope everyone is doing well!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Disneyland Catalina Island Knotts Berry Farm 1956

This is such a charming home movie! Made in 1956 and narrated some years later by the guy who filmed his family trip to Disneyland and other places here in southern California, in 1956.

It's just over 30 minutes long, which is a long time by today's standards of short attention spans, but gee, it's just so charming!

If you were here like I was back in the day, and went to these places decades ago, you will love this video.

Click HERE to watch!!

New Year - What Will You Be Doing?

Barbara was asking us what we will be doing on this New Years Eve?

Me, I'll either be sleeping or waking up, as I tend to be an early riser. Very early.

As for not spending it with a significant other?

I used to feel like I was missing out when I was younger, you know, like everyone who had a boyfriend or husband or whatever were part of some club I never seemed to belong to...

(I cared for ailing parents for most of my life, had a couple steadies, then spent the rest of my "free" time working and putting myself through college. Not exactly "sexy" according to those I encountered, hence I was not "in the club").

I think about the time I did have a steady, and went to a New Years Eve party.

I was never comfortable at these kinds of functions. The women were catty, and being a lightweight, wound up drinking too much, and spent the rest of the night leaning out of the side of his car, sick, with him saying "Can we go yet?"


One other New Year with 'beau', spending it with my parents, and 10 minutes before midnight, he wanted to go to HIS parents house (where I guess he thought it more lively than sick parents). We walked in at midnight.

I was not happy. I realized, if this was the "club" I thought I was missing out on all that time, I did not want to belong. I revoked my membership. No thanks!

Another boyfriend soon after, and I don't think we did anything for the New Year. He didn't even bother. It was then I went to college (I dated during High School and took off one semester between high school and college to date these winners).

And to think all that time, I thought I was missing out on something wonderful. Ha!

Once I hit college, there was little time for dating between all my responsibilities, and a steady, much less a husband, just wasn't in the cards.

Oh, now 1950's Atomic Ranch House lady was by NO means a "chaste nun", and had her male companion "encounters" tee hee, a topic for another day, I've known some wonderful men.

But for me, I was glad in the long run I didn't "couple up".

It wasn't easy caring for my parents, but I didn't go through the marriage and kids and divorces and affairs and nonsense my friends and acquaintances did. I guess they were trying to find that same "club of belonging" too, and never really did. Now they care for kids or grandkids and exs and parents and stopped acting like they belong to a private club I did not.

I can do what I want, when I want, wherever I want. I like that.

Funny how life unfurls, isn't it?

So what are the things you reflect on during the upcoming New Year?


Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Day After Christmas

Well, we made it! Whoo hoo! lol... For those of us who have a challenging Christmas, it's over!

Now it's time to pull out the New Year decorations.

Put away the tinsel tree and ornaments, and Santas and nativities.

I scanned eBay for Christmas eve and day deals, but didn't find any.

Hope you got what you wanted this year, I got a nice, quiet day.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning Merry Christmas from 1950's Atomic Ranch House!

NOT my photo, but what fun on Christmas morning!

I remember as a kid being so excited about Christmas morning. The thrill of seeing that yes, Santa had indeed come, despite my brothers and their bad behavior.

Missing my family a bit again this year... It's got to get easier, right?

And I am discovering that while it's never the same without the ones you love, after enough time, you aren't quite as sad. The pain eases just a bit, I suspect it will ease a bit more in time. You make a sort of new "normal" on these days, and for me, working all the time helps.

I will pack away the tinsel tree, and Santas and such, and bring out the big champagne glass Mom got as a decoration. I'll take photos of that, it's really a wonderful New Year display. And while this was the first year I bothered to decorate since the family is gone, it didn't quite make me feel full of joy... But I was glad I did it anyways.

Merry Christmas to you and yours. And for those who are missing loved one's this season, know you are not alone, and my heart goes out to you.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve 2010

The above photo is NOT mine, but this is about what it looked like at my house at this age around this time of year.

I hope all of you have fun and get all the things you hoped for this year!

So, what ARE you going to be doing for Christmas?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cute Way To Display Vintage Ornaments

I had this same idea years ago and bought some wreath rings to glue things onto. Then life came along and I got distracted. Never did it.

But Mom had this huge miniature Christmas village, and we'd planned on doing something like this. Otherwise, her village never got displayed because it took too long to pack and unpack. (And she had so much else to unpack and display).

If glued to a wreath, you just whip it out and hang!

But... Only if you don't mind attaching ornaments or things to a wreath ring, it's an adorable idea. I'm not sure I would do this, except with the boxes and boxes of vintage blue ornaments I wound up with somehow.

Then again, I don't think Mom would care if I glued Christmas village stuff to wreath rings... (She's gone, now). It still does not get displayed, I don't have what it takes to unpack it all.

I hope all my blogger friends are doing well. The rain stopped here in southern California and it's beautiful.

A bit tense over that relative deal mentioned a couple posts ago, as he is now in town. I hope he found other accommodations and doesn't try to make a scene. It's too depressing to spell out, you don't want to hear the details, but I will be feeling better in a few days when I am sure he left town again.

I hope your holidays are going a bit better than mine.

Meanwhile, I appreciate reading all of your cheerful blogs!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

1970's Design Is Not Mid-Century

I've had this debate on my blog before: Are designs and styles from the very late 1960's through the 1970's "mid-century?"

This is a sort of tongue-in-cheek post, not to be taken too seriously...

I see these interior photos labeled as "mid-century" and I think to myself: No, that's 3/4 century, nothing like mid or 1950's".

Characteristic colors of harvest gold, avocado green, bright orange, brown, yellow... Florals, basketweave designs, the big stripes of color...

Moulded plastics became popular.

And ferns made a comeback... Is that kid being a perv and looking up that gals mini skirt?!

Brown, orange and avocado green.

I'm not even sure why, but owls were really popular. In the 70's, not the 50's.

These metal "things", "Jere" were popular. People, look closely, those are horse shoe nails welded to metal squares. When I was a kid, I thought it was the stupidest thing in the world to put on someone's wall. Welded horseshoe nails??!!

Seagulls were popular too. Anyone else remember why? Because of that book: "Johnathan Livingston Seagull". I read it, I think it was a sort of "feel good" book. It was this "trendy trend" that told everyone who came to your house: "I read that book too!"

So I see other bloggers calling this "vintage" and "mid-century" and it always gave me an uneasy feeling.

And then one day it occurred to me:

Seeing this era of stuff called "vintage" or "mid-century" meant that the things I grew up with made ME old too!!

Now my folks were older when I was born, our home really was 1950's even then. Dad listened to 1940's Big Band music, so the red and gold foil flocked wallpaper and green peacock chenille bedspreads I saw in my friends' homes were alien to me back then, too.

But gee, if folks are calling what I grew up with, old, that means, hey, I am old too!!

So there you have it. The reason why I resist calling this era of 1970's design old!!

A huge thank you to all of you who shared your "bad family" experiences in my last post. I was surprised so many experienced the same thing. Sometimes you feel like you are the only one.

At any rate, I hope all of my blogger friends are enjoying their holiday season, and are ready for Santa!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So Cute! Christmas Cupcakes! And WARNING a Bad Family Rant

Have been feeling sick the past couple days, so looking at these adorable cupcakes cheers me up.

It's not a bug, it's bad "family".

Really bad family.

Do any of you have family that are so bad, it takes your breath away?

I can't be the only one.

One who is the most negative force you have ever met? And goes way out of their way to make your life as miserable as possible? For no good reason?

I'm fairly certain, I am not the only one who has family so bad, they make you sick to your stomach?

Anyways, I left out the whole long story, it's too much to read, we had a big blow up because I am sick of it, don't want to deal with this person ever again except in court where he's threatening to take me because he is the most selfish prick (only word to describe him) I ever met, and doesn't want to see me happy, though I earned it...

And how very depressing this time of year, so please check out all of the lovely cupcake photos on google by clicking HERE.

And if you have really bad family, please raise your hand so I know, I am not the only one!

And thanks for letting me sneak in a rant between such yummy photos!

Oh!! And don't forget to visit the image-link I have on my sidebar over there, UP and to the right, to network with other bloggers, post up yours, and make new friends!

Monday, December 13, 2010

1950's Pink Lux Kitchen Timer

Hard to see it in the small photo, but the price was right. Fingers crossed it will be a good transaction (new-ish seller). I tend to buy things I can use in my house. Practical and pink, like my kitchen!

Happy Monday!

If you have not networked with other bloggers, put your blog link CLICK HERE, and find other bloggers to chat with!

Oh and arg@me! I forgot to mention Vintage Christine's giveaway and it's over!

I have not been entering giveawyas for a few reasons! I feel guilty! I always feel like I am bothering that person who has to find things, pack and ship! I also know, a lot of you "youngin's" need vintage things more than I do. And I haven't been able to manage a giveaway for a whole number of reasons, so it's selfish of me to enter! So it's not personal if I don't enter, I think I am helping in my way. Does that make sense or do I sound like a crazy old lady? lol....


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pair 1950s Eames Spaghetti Globe Lamps

Back in July, I featured a seller who had these cool auction photos of mid-century stuff. He was selling several things, and combined them into great looking auction photos, this "eyeball" or globe lamp being one of them.

I did write him a nice note about my post, he wrote me back... I replied... And never heard from him again! Harrumpf! People just don't appreciate free advertising these days, do they? Well, I did not mention his eBay name, just the auction links, which now redirect to different auctions, so no more free advertising regardless.

At any rate, that one lamp sold for some ridiculous price... I forget what... Over $60, and for me, a lamp like that wasn't worth it when you can get super cool atomic lamps for less, like this one:

Sooooo, because I am chained to this computer for longer hours than a Chinese sweatshop worker, I get to do comprehensive eBay searches. Hey, I have to do something to keep my sanity, right?

Soooo I stumbled upon this PAIR of the same lamps the other day:

And because the seller "mis"-identified them as "Christmas spotlights", I was able to snag them... For cheap! WAY less than the single one sold for! Yippee!

My intention is to use them to illuminate my big artworks I plan on making for the living room walls, since I don't have recessed ceiling lights. Gotta have a plan for everything I buy, that way I don't have a lot of things I can't use. Remember, I was raised by parents who grew up during the Great Depression, so that was always front in my mind. Well, Mom loved to go crazy buying things she loved, but what the heck, SHE had gone without when she was a kid, so I indulged her. She earned it!

Annnnnnd I want to give a big THANK YOU to our friend zootsuitmama, who gave everyone a gift for her last Giveaway! I mentioned I loved the Halloween blowmolds, and she generously gave me a darling Jack-O-Lantern for my window, and a charming scarecrow face for my Fall decorations!

I have made the link to the "Make New Friends, Share Your Blog" permanent on the right and towards the top of this text, in hopes folks continue to add their blogs, and come back to visit and make new blog friends. I like to help people make new friends!!

Happy Saturday, wow, this was a long post!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Share Your Blog - Let's Make New Friends!

By the way, the above photo is NOT me, but jeepers! What a thing to wake up to on Christmas morning!!

In the spirit of Christmas, and thanks for the idea from Brittany, I thought I'd do a post on sharing our blogs in hopes many of you will find new friends!

Here's what you do:

Just make a post (your name is already linked to your blog, or add your blog addy if you like) and give a brief description of what your blog is about!

Does NOT have to be a vintage blog! I'm also an artist, entrepreneur, etc etc among many other things, so I love to read all sorts of blogs!


When I started blogging, I "followed" about 200 blogs, but only got 15-20 followers back! I thought maybe I did something wrong? lol... YES! I had not gone in my profile, and added my blog link to my website address, so there was no back link to my blog from my little avatar icon! Be sure to do this so you don't "lose" followers like I did.

If someone follows your blog, it's awfully nice if you follow theirs back. I do this for everyone who has that backlink to their blog.

Check back for additional blogs to visit by reading the list of blog comments.

That's it!

Let's network and make new blog friends!

My blog description:

Bringing my childhood 1950's, post-war, baby-boomer, mid-century atomic ranch style house back to her former glory. I post antique, vintage, retro items, photos, links and topics daily (sometimes more!) for your viewing pleasure and mine. I am a professional artist and movie lover in addition to being the CEO and entrepreneur of my businesses, among many other things.

Now share yours!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tables Arrived! The BEST eBay Experience Ever!!

I opened my big box containing my 1950's blond table and night stands yesterday, and wow... WOW!! First of all, it was a big, heavy box. It could not have been an easy task packing these. Second there were 5 parts to the tables and multiple legs.

I have never, in all my 10 years on eBay, ever seen such a professional packing job! It's obvious they took great care packing up each piece, and making sure it was protected all the way around, and all parts in between. If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know how many disappointments I have experienced buying on eBay (and I am a careful shopper).

Well, this really made up for it!!

After unpacking the table parts, it was an easy assembly, and I can't tell you how thrilled I am!! NO unmentioned musty smell, no missing parts, no damage in transit, and they even made the box easy to open and unpack. Just the best eBay buy ever.

I only wish they sold more mid-century items, because I would check their auctions every week. Perhaps my plug for their auctions will inspire them to list more!!

A big thank you to seller: barnabasjoe777. If you want great service, their auctions are HERE.

Vintage Christine, I have not forgotten about you! I want to share with all of you her wonderful things and the necklace I bought from her. I will take photos and add a post soon!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Atomic 1950's Space Age Lamp

About 8 months ago, a pair of these in dark green came up for sale on eBay, with a Buy It Now of $38.

They had just been listed, so I put them in my watch list to think about it. they had no shades, but I loved the shape, yet the color didn't thrill me.

But I thought they would be perfect for my space themed office. Great design.

Well, practical me, while I was thinking about it, someone swooped in and snagged them!

So when this single one came up, in black, with a shade (I love these mellowed, burnt sienna colored fiberglass shades. The color they put out is amazing!), I had to have it!

Carlo of Hollywood frames be damned lol, it still pays to hold out for the things you really want, at prices that don't break the bank!

My blond 1950's table and night stands arrived in a big heavy box yesterday. I will open it up today, fingers crossed they are as good as I hoped!!

Happy Wednesday friends of blogland!!