Monday, November 22, 2010

Space and Art

Coincidentally, after passing on that vintage space paint by number, I picked up some vintage space barkcloth to make a pillow for my space-themed office...

...and a couple sets of mostly vintage paint brushes. If you do art, you know you can never have too many paint brushes. One of these days I am going to get around to painting some art for my own walls.

I hope one of my cool blogger friends won this on eBay the other day. I bid, but simply don't want to pay much for "things" I can't use. It was super cool, but these kinds of things become more things I'll need to dust. I learned a long time ago "fewer bigger" is better than a lot of smaller... In MY opinion!!

I still "shop" eBay, but nothing much has caught my eye lately except the additions to the master bedroom. And I am keeping my fingers crossed, my blond furniture set arrives in great condition!

Did I mention I will have to get rid of, or move two big, deep shelves in that room first? Yikes!

I hope all my friends are doing well! Happy Monday!