Monday, November 8, 2010

A Question For All The Artists! Fountain Pens and Sketchbooks

A bit if a deviation from mid-century for the moment....

So, in the past, they tell me I was a pretty good artist. But due to a lot of things, mostly the thing called "life", I have not done any "serious" art in several years. Heck I have not shown my work in longer.

So tomorrow I am going to buy some fresh sketchbooks, and start some doodles. It's about time.

I hear moleskeine sketchbooks are popular, anyone have experience with these?

My main question for all my artists friends is this:

What is the best fountain pen you have ever used?

I have tried several. The old fashioned dipping ink and nibs are cool, but I want something I don't have to "dip".

In another life I did a lot of professional drafting, and used Rapidographs, but mostly on mylar.

if I tried them on paper, the pens would scratch at the "tooth" of the paper, if I used paper. So while these are fine ink pens, I didn't have a lot of luck with them (maybe it was simply the one's I bought, the inner 'pin' seemed to stick out of the barrel a hair too far, thus scratching the paper, making the ink bleed).

Sooo, while I have all kinds of good colored pencils and such, I am on the hunt for a really GOOD fountain pen, with a nice bold line.

This is a nice website with some reviews click HERE.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Happy Monday blog world!



  2. Ha ha cute!!

    Somewhere, I lost the link, there is a website or blog that features sketches made by folks (of all colors lol) of what they draw in their moleskeines.

    Some good stuff, will try to find that link. =)

  3. Utah Oilfield TrashNovember 8, 2010 at 1:45 PM

    I haven't done much ink drawing since I was in college---I loved my Rapidographs (I still have a couple because they are built to last!) but they are for more technical stuff and they are terrible on regular papers. When I was teaching art to elementary-age students a few years ago, I found this site: It has really good prices and they are extremely easy to deal with when ordering, even on-line! They have a bit of everything, so it's dangerous when the new catalog shows up in the mail for me and my artsy head starts to spin! It's like when I was a kid and the new Sear's Christmas Catalog would show up with all the new toys!
    Anyway, good for you for getting back to your artistic side. It's good for the soul!

  4. Hiya Utah...

    Oh yes, I am familiar with dickblick! Thanks!

    Another artist friend and I were just joking about the shelves of art supplies we have, that we intend to use, but when we go to the art store, well, stuff and supplies just wind up in the cart!

    Felt-tip calligraphy pens are good in a pinch. I want to be able to be able to change the size of my line as I draw, and good old standard fountain ink pens with nibs and dipping ink are always good for that.

  5. No pens here, sorry. But for God's sake get to work and have some fun with it.

  6. Can't advise as haven't a clue, but good luck with your artistic endeavour!!

  7. My mom is an artist and her main medium is colored pencil but she also does black and white illustrations for books from time to time. She loves Mircon pens (which are also available in color). She buys individual pens of different sizes but they come in sets as well.
    For sketch books, I think she uses any old sketch pad but for the professional illustrations, she uses Crescent brand illustration board (which is really nice, heavy-duty stuff!)
    Good luck!

  8. Hey thanks, Brittany!!

    I specialized in pencil and colored pencil drawings back in the day, so I have several good sets of Berol pencils and such, but I will check out the Micron pens. =D

  9. Congrats on going back to your art! Please, whatever the medium you choose, share your results with us :-)

  10. Mars 3000 pens by Steadtler.

    Finest markers I've ever tried.
    (and I draw commercially)

  11. Please add this link to my last post about Mars 3000 pens (didn't know you could link to them)
    These pens are fantastic.