Sunday, November 28, 2010

More 1950's Atomic Ranch House Christmas Decorations

OK, I promise, LESS text this time, more photos! lol...

The above wooden bowl Mom got at a Thrift years ago. They used to have a bunch of mid-century wooden stuff I never paid attention to. I needed bowls, so grabbed this off the top of the fridge, oiled it up and wow! It looks amazing!

I HIGHLY recommend getting some cinnamon scented pine cones (these with glitter) and putting them in bowls around your house too! Smells fantastic!

As mentioned in my last post, Mom started working full time again in the 1970's so she bought some nice things back then. This vintage velvet Santa has a velvet bag slung over his shoulder.

I picked this up at a Thrift about 10 years ago. It has to be a 1940's store display, made with velvet, molded face and real glass beard (the old kind, that makes you itch). I don't know how I am going to display him, but I had to get him out. A little tattered, but we still love you Santa!

More ornaments and stuff I picked up over the years.

I forgot what-all I had. I have some amazing stuff!

The 1970's vintage creche shown in my last post. Mary Joseph and Jesus weigh a ton! The feel like they are made from solid glass. The Three Wise men are that sort of 1970's pressed or molded papier mache material used a lot back then. Nice sized grouping (my lamps are small).

Mom had a "thing" for crystal, so again, back then, she bought some crystal trees.

Well, these vintage 1970's flocked deer have been tossed about a little, but not too worse for the wear. Yes, Sputnik barometers (seen in the back) are good places for deer to huddle around lol...

And my WONDERFUL Howard Holt (or is it Holt Howard? lol) Santa candle stick holders I bought from Vintage Christine!!! I even had vintage gold Christmas candles to put in them. We used to have the one on the right, the one on the left got up and walked away. Finally, they other one did too. Now I have both again. Thank you, Christine!! =D

Mom did a lot of hand sewing, and I don't mean using a machine either. One year she made us all vintage Victorian stockings out of a nice heavy vintage material. The little red mica house was my Grandmothers, I believe. I have some of her Putz houses somewhere.

More, (she made herself two, bless her heart!!), and little vintage tree and sleigh.

And Chris, my atomic ranch cat, follows me all around the house like a little dog. He's supervising the decorations. Hmmm lucky guy!

Still sorting things out.

Are you decorating yet? I see some of you are, by your blog photos!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Sunday!!