Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving - 500+ Followers and Atomic Barkcloth

I guess it was because of the holiday week, but I snagged this uber cool atomic Eames Alexander Calder mobiles inspired piece of barkcloth for a deal yesterday. I saw a similar piece go for 4x just the other day. Remember, you can snag some real deals on holidays!

Gee, and 500 followers! Wow, a big "Thank you" to all my friends! I'm planning a big giveaway, but there is no way I am going anywhere near the post office in my area until after Christmas. The place is crazy busy!! So I will have it then!

Happy Thanksgiving, hope everyone of my US friends has a good day today.

And thank you to my new friend Piroska for giving me a lovely blog award! I will forward the award to the allotted list when I get some time to work up all those links. =)

I am going to pull vintage Christmas stuff out today. Hope to have those up in the next few days, so I can take photos.

Happy Thanksgiving Thursday blogland, I hope you all are doing well!