Saturday, November 13, 2010

1950's Eames Zenith Radio

I contemplated snagging this beauty.

Reconditioned, with new old stock tubes, so it worked well.

Colors in red and black, perfect for my living room.

And ending bid at just over $100, which isn't too bad, all things considered...

But, I bought a really cool space station style radio for my office, and it works too... But I really don't play it because there is nothing to listen to on AM radio these days.

So, this would become a $100 "decorator piece".

Not a bad one, mind you, but gee... I just could not justify the expense for something that becomes... A knick knack.

A $100 chair? You bet! I can use it.

A $100 radio that looks pretty... Ehhhh....

Not this time.


Maybe I can find myself a Christmas gift that really makes my heart sing. This simply wasn't it.

Know what I mean? Some things are so cool, but still just don't make you excited enough to have to have them.

Happy Saturday, to all my dear blogger friends!!