Monday, November 29, 2010

Carlo Of Hollywood Frames

These awesome vintage mid-century blond Carlo of Hollywood style frames would have looked fantastic with my new blond table set in my master bedroom, but geeeeez, did the auction HAVE to end at $128? For frames?!

Needless to say, I was NOT the high bidder. I simply cannot justify spending as much on frames as I did for the table and two nightstands... I just can't.


Damn, but they sure would have looked great!!

Happy Monday, hope you are snagging better deals than I am!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

More 1950's Atomic Ranch House Christmas Decorations

OK, I promise, LESS text this time, more photos! lol...

The above wooden bowl Mom got at a Thrift years ago. They used to have a bunch of mid-century wooden stuff I never paid attention to. I needed bowls, so grabbed this off the top of the fridge, oiled it up and wow! It looks amazing!

I HIGHLY recommend getting some cinnamon scented pine cones (these with glitter) and putting them in bowls around your house too! Smells fantastic!

As mentioned in my last post, Mom started working full time again in the 1970's so she bought some nice things back then. This vintage velvet Santa has a velvet bag slung over his shoulder.

I picked this up at a Thrift about 10 years ago. It has to be a 1940's store display, made with velvet, molded face and real glass beard (the old kind, that makes you itch). I don't know how I am going to display him, but I had to get him out. A little tattered, but we still love you Santa!

More ornaments and stuff I picked up over the years.

I forgot what-all I had. I have some amazing stuff!

The 1970's vintage creche shown in my last post. Mary Joseph and Jesus weigh a ton! The feel like they are made from solid glass. The Three Wise men are that sort of 1970's pressed or molded papier mache material used a lot back then. Nice sized grouping (my lamps are small).

Mom had a "thing" for crystal, so again, back then, she bought some crystal trees.

Well, these vintage 1970's flocked deer have been tossed about a little, but not too worse for the wear. Yes, Sputnik barometers (seen in the back) are good places for deer to huddle around lol...

And my WONDERFUL Howard Holt (or is it Holt Howard? lol) Santa candle stick holders I bought from Vintage Christine!!! I even had vintage gold Christmas candles to put in them. We used to have the one on the right, the one on the left got up and walked away. Finally, they other one did too. Now I have both again. Thank you, Christine!! =D

Mom did a lot of hand sewing, and I don't mean using a machine either. One year she made us all vintage Victorian stockings out of a nice heavy vintage material. The little red mica house was my Grandmothers, I believe. I have some of her Putz houses somewhere.

More, (she made herself two, bless her heart!!), and little vintage tree and sleigh.

And Chris, my atomic ranch cat, follows me all around the house like a little dog. He's supervising the decorations. Hmmm lucky guy!

Still sorting things out.

Are you decorating yet? I see some of you are, by your blog photos!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Sunday!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Getting Out The 1950's Atomic Ranch House Christmas Ornaments

This is one of my prized possessions. Oh no, 1950's Atomic Ranch House lady never finds any Jackson Pollocks at thrift stores, but around here, finding anything good in the vintage department is rare.

So when I found this sno-glob string of lights in a fantastic original box about 10 years ago, I was jumping for joy! Did I grab the loose string of lights being sold with it, and replace a couple standard Christmas bulbs with the original sno glob one's right there in the thrift store? Oh yes I did! (Someone had mixed and matched bulbs, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from making them right again before I bought them).

By the way, when my friend Vintage Christine mentioned having to tear off price stickers, I thought of this very box. It has one of those awful Salvation Army price stickers stuck on the front of the box. You know, the kind made with adhesive much like super glue?

Well, a little trick I learned on how to remove stickers from paper and cardboard: Gently heat the sticker with a blow dryer, and carefully peel the sticker off. It worked!!!!

Make sure to remove anything heat-sensitive from boxes before heating. But that little trick has saved many a fine box!

More 1950's and vintage ornaments bought in thrift shops over the years. I have several boxes of it.

Some boxes are so badly tapped, it doesn't pay to mess with them, I simply use the ornaments... But, they were cheap.

Here is the story of how I got my 1950's tinsel tree (top branch removed because it's too tall!):

When 1950's Atomic Ranch House lady was 8 years old, she discovered the joys of yard sales. I was coming back from a friends house and passed a yard sale. I looked around, with only 25 cents in my pocket, and spotted the tinsel Christmas tree.

Now remember, they were not popular at the time, in fact, they were considered out of date (much like that 1990s fake Christmas tree is now).

The man only wanted a quarter, so I grabbed up the two big boxes and carried them home, proudly proclaiming to my Mom: "We will never have to buy another Christmas tree again!"

Mom was a good sport, and though I am sure she hated this tree at the time, (remember, it's like bringing home that awful fake 1990's tree), we put it up that Christmas and decorated it. Gee Mom was cool.

Now, I had not gotten the tree out in many years. so this year I brought it out... Both boxes...

And realized, much to my surprise, there was a reason there was another tinsel Christmas tree pole floating around in the hall closet all these years: I have TWO tinsel trees!

I totally forget I had two! I need a base for the other one, but that nice man at that yard sale, decades ago, sold me both, for a quarter!

So, that's the story of how I got my tinsel trees. Long, long before anyone thought they were "cool" again. =D

Mom started working again in the 1970's, and she loved Christmas, so she bought a lot of things back then. And while she was not religious, she loved to buy religious things like Creches and Mary statues and angels. She simply loved them.

So, in her honor, of course, I saved a lot of her 70's Christmas stuff. I set up her larger Creche, with the three Wise Men. She did buy very nice things.

Think it's sacrilegious to have my atomic tripod boomerang ashtrays with them? lol...

(Remember, you can click on images to see them bigger!)

And I keep the "pink room", bedroom #1, containing a lot of her stuff and the more fragile vintage and antique stuff closed off from Chris. So of course he always wants to go in there. I mean, it's always closed, so it HAS to be special, right?

And yesterday he snuck in there...

Blending in with all the stuffed cats on the bed, he jumped right up there with the big white Mama cat, and started to knead his toesies on her soft fur, then cuddled up with her and her three kittens. New friends!

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving, here's to decorating for Christmas!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving - 500+ Followers and Atomic Barkcloth

I guess it was because of the holiday week, but I snagged this uber cool atomic Eames Alexander Calder mobiles inspired piece of barkcloth for a deal yesterday. I saw a similar piece go for 4x just the other day. Remember, you can snag some real deals on holidays!

Gee, and 500 followers! Wow, a big "Thank you" to all my friends! I'm planning a big giveaway, but there is no way I am going anywhere near the post office in my area until after Christmas. The place is crazy busy!! So I will have it then!

Happy Thanksgiving, hope everyone of my US friends has a good day today.

And thank you to my new friend Piroska for giving me a lovely blog award! I will forward the award to the allotted list when I get some time to work up all those links. =)

I am going to pull vintage Christmas stuff out today. Hope to have those up in the next few days, so I can take photos.

Happy Thanksgiving Thursday blogland, I hope you all are doing well!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Space and Art

Coincidentally, after passing on that vintage space paint by number, I picked up some vintage space barkcloth to make a pillow for my space-themed office...

...and a couple sets of mostly vintage paint brushes. If you do art, you know you can never have too many paint brushes. One of these days I am going to get around to painting some art for my own walls.

I hope one of my cool blogger friends won this on eBay the other day. I bid, but simply don't want to pay much for "things" I can't use. It was super cool, but these kinds of things become more things I'll need to dust. I learned a long time ago "fewer bigger" is better than a lot of smaller... In MY opinion!!

I still "shop" eBay, but nothing much has caught my eye lately except the additions to the master bedroom. And I am keeping my fingers crossed, my blond furniture set arrives in great condition!

Did I mention I will have to get rid of, or move two big, deep shelves in that room first? Yikes!

I hope all my friends are doing well! Happy Monday!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holding Out For The Best Buy

So I could have bought this cool 1950's vintage space paint by number as mentioned in my last post:

Cool, love it.

Ending price total?


Wow, that's a lot of money for a paint by number.


Hold out and get a whole set of 1950's blond table and nightstands just like my folks used to have in the master bedroom, for less!!

Only $130, and that includes shipping!

This is a purchase I can feel good about!

I have been looking for a set like this for several years. And finally, I found it.

My only regret is, that I didn't buy those pink lamps that my folks also used to have in their bedroom, sitting on their end tables.

I will find another pair. And if I skip the $200 paint by numbers, I can afford them too!!

Vintage Space Rocket Paint By Number

Well I WAS thinking about snagging this vintage space paint by number for my retro Space theme office, but noooo, it's already been bid up higher than I think it's worth and more.

I have been good. I have not been buying much lately. I have been selective about what I buy. I eat my vegetables and pay my bills on time.

Sure, it's rare, you don't see these too often, but jeepers, do other people HAVE to buy what I want? lol...

Heck, I'll paint my own. Boo hiss... They can keep their original.

Can you tell I am bitter? Bitter?!

Happy Thursday Blogger friends! I hope you are finding better deals than me!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Vintage Mid-Century 1950's Christmas Decorations!

I don't know why, but on a whim I typed in "vintage christmas" in an eBay search.

Oh my gosh!!! That's where all the deals are!!

I mean, page after page of darling, adorable kitsch vintage Christmas stuff, a lot of it for under $10!

But, but but!!!

But 2/3rds of my holiday closet is filled with vintage Christmas things I picked up at Thrift stores over the years...

So I must, MUST stay away from eBay!! lol...

But gee, it's awful fun to "window shop" and see all the things I remember when I was a kid!

So if you are thinking about adding to your vintage Christmas collection, check it out!

Happy Sunday! I'm thinking of pulling my boxes of Christmas decorations and cheer out early this year. Anyone else?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

1950's Eames Zenith Radio

I contemplated snagging this beauty.

Reconditioned, with new old stock tubes, so it worked well.

Colors in red and black, perfect for my living room.

And ending bid at just over $100, which isn't too bad, all things considered...

But, I bought a really cool space station style radio for my office, and it works too... But I really don't play it because there is nothing to listen to on AM radio these days.

So, this would become a $100 "decorator piece".

Not a bad one, mind you, but gee... I just could not justify the expense for something that becomes... A knick knack.

A $100 chair? You bet! I can use it.

A $100 radio that looks pretty... Ehhhh....

Not this time.


Maybe I can find myself a Christmas gift that really makes my heart sing. This simply wasn't it.

Know what I mean? Some things are so cool, but still just don't make you excited enough to have to have them.

Happy Saturday, to all my dear blogger friends!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Did Opening Bid Prices on eBay Go Up?

Whoa, is it just me, or did opening bid eBay prices jump up . . . By a lot?

This atomic blue pyrex wasn't bad at $40...

But $80 for this orange footstool?

And $75 for fair condition sno-globe Christmas lights?

This is a joke, right?

OK, It wasn't everything, but are the deals of summer gone, or was it simply my bad luck to cruise mid-century this week?

Seems like most opening bids have increased.

Hope all my blogger friends are well. Sorry for the lack of posts lately, this too shall pass!

Happy Thursday!

Are you finding good vintage deals out there at other places?

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Question For All The Artists! Fountain Pens and Sketchbooks

A bit if a deviation from mid-century for the moment....

So, in the past, they tell me I was a pretty good artist. But due to a lot of things, mostly the thing called "life", I have not done any "serious" art in several years. Heck I have not shown my work in longer.

So tomorrow I am going to buy some fresh sketchbooks, and start some doodles. It's about time.

I hear moleskeine sketchbooks are popular, anyone have experience with these?

My main question for all my artists friends is this:

What is the best fountain pen you have ever used?

I have tried several. The old fashioned dipping ink and nibs are cool, but I want something I don't have to "dip".

In another life I did a lot of professional drafting, and used Rapidographs, but mostly on mylar.

if I tried them on paper, the pens would scratch at the "tooth" of the paper, if I used paper. So while these are fine ink pens, I didn't have a lot of luck with them (maybe it was simply the one's I bought, the inner 'pin' seemed to stick out of the barrel a hair too far, thus scratching the paper, making the ink bleed).

Sooo, while I have all kinds of good colored pencils and such, I am on the hunt for a really GOOD fountain pen, with a nice bold line.

This is a nice website with some reviews click HERE.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Happy Monday blog world!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Forrest J. Ackerman, Norvell Page, Pulp Fiction and Science Fiction Writer, and My Aunt

I discovered a comment on my blog post I made earlier this year, about the long time correspondence my Aunt had with the classic Science Fiction and pulp fiction writers Forrest J. Ackerman and Norvell Page, and learned this:

Chris Kalb said...
The story of Virginia is well known in pulp fandom. An old fanzine, Xenophile, dedicated an issue to her and it will interest you to know that it includes an interview with her, along with reproductions of much of her correspondence. For my Spider website I myself retyped one very significant letter that she got from Norvell Page, author of Volunteer Corpse Brigade, which you can read HERE.

And the magazine where my Mom's family was "immortalized" in a story. Because my Aunt wrote to these writers and became their friends, one used our families' names in a 1941 Spider story, pictured here.

I knew my Aunt had written to Ackerman, but I didn't know this was "known" among fans.

I emailed Chris and asked him how "well known" this was. I am curious, and will let you all know if he replies.

The funny thing is, I have a whole different perspective about my Aunt, knowing her through my own Mom, and my interaction with her.

Ahh but I will leave that for another time! lol...

Happy Friday all my good blog friends!!