Sunday, October 17, 2010

Well, The Mystery Item Sold - While I Thought About It

Gravel art. Yes gravel art. The newest 1950's collectable, according to me, last year.

And I was right. Gravel art has increased in value significantly.

I said somewhere, I forget on which blog, maybe my own, that I wanted ATOMIC gravel art, and I had never seen an atomic design gravel art before.

So this was the mystery item. It was a Buy It Now, just listed yesterday, bought today by someone else.

Rare? Yes.

Something I can make myself?

You bet! In colors and in a design I really want.

And what is that yellowing at the lower right portion of this gravel art? Yikes!

Thanks for all your opinions on the matter, $200 was just too much for an "artwork" anyways. No regrets!