Sunday, October 24, 2010


I really wrestled over these lamps.

If I should get them, or not

Why, you ask?

They are mid-century, sort of nice, but nothing too special.

Well, my folks had these very lamps when I was a kid.

Ours were a dark green, and I love these in pink. They would have gone in the master bedroom where the others had been.

I saw the matching lampshades, a pair, not too long ago on eBay.

But didn't get those, either. If I had, I would have grabbed these. The last time I saw a pair, they were in turquoise, and the seller wanted $200 for the pair. Uh, yeah, right. No thanks.

Trouble with these was, the seller had a poor rating of 98%, and I am tired of getting bum deals on eBay!!

I might be able to find the matching shades eventually, but as much as I wanted to buy for sentimental reasons... I let these pass. Sigh.

Have you ever bought things based on sentiment alone?