Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy October!!

Are any of you lucky enough to have vintage or mid-century Halloween decorations?

As much as I wish I did, these photos are NOT of my decorations.

I have complained before, about how much I adore Halloween, but it seems everyone else does too, so buying vintage Halloween stuff on a budget is like trying to shop Tiffany's with coupons lol.

However, I do have a lot of "modern vintage" stashed in my closet, and I'm happy enough with it. Still striving to get the living room pulled together in time to decorate for Halloween (and before it's Thanksgiving!) but work just keeps kicking my ass all over town ha ha. In this economy, it seems we have to work three times as hard, and there are no guarantees, are there?

At any rate, I am so happy it's October, it's cloudy and cool here lately, and I hope you all are decorating for Halloween too. If you have already, please share photos on your blog, and post a link here so we can check out what you have. Our friend zootsuitmama is already done decorating!

Happy Saturday, where every day is Monday at 1950's Atomic Ranch House lol...