Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Halloween from 1950's Atomic Ranch House

OK, so it's a little early, but I got the opportunity to pull just a few of my Halloween things out from the over-packed hall closet which contains most all of my holiday decorations.

So cheerful! The ceramic pumpkin I got at the Thrift store years ago. Chipping a bit, I gave it a clear gloss to keep it from chipping more, and he comes out every year.

My fireplace apron houses my 1950's slate table, 1950's kinetic atomic particle sculpture (hard to see - click on image if you want to see a larger photo), but more importantly, more of my wonderful Fall and Halloween decorations! I love my plastic popcorn Jack O Lanterns as I had one when I was a kid. Other than a Ouija board, that's the extent of my vintage Halloween, because as much as I love LOVE Halloween, I am unable to afford to outbid other collectors.

Not sure if I will be able to get more decorations out. One lesson I learned: it's always better to get fewer, bigger things than a lot of small things. Well, I bought a lot of small things before I learned that lesson, which is why the holiday closet is so full! That's on my list of things to reorganize.

At any rate, how are all my good blogger friends doing?

Are you ready for Halloween yet?

What are your plans?