Sunday, October 10, 2010

Favorite Halloween Memories

Halloween was a magic time for me, when I was a kid.

By the way, the photo above was borrowed from the internet, it is NOT me. By the time I came along, after two older siblings, I think the thrill of photographing babies and kids had worn off ha ha.

But there was something special about Halloween. The idea you could dress up and go door to door, and people would give you free candy (!!!) used to amaze me.

My need to celebrate and decorate was a big deal even when I was a kid, and although we were a simple family, I got out my crayons and colored all sorts of Halloween drawings. Witches, haunted houses, black cats and pumpkins. Then I painted over each crayon drawing with black acrylic paint, which gave a neat effect as the paint did not cling to the wax crayon, only to the paper that was not colored.

I took pictures of some of those with my little box camera, but I must have thrown out those photos long ago.

Counting down the days until Halloween, reading books like The Wednesday Witch, the excitement of getting some sort of costume, watching the Charlie Brown "It's The Great Pumpkin" cartoon, then carving the pumpkin, signaled it was time!!

I have few memories of actually Trick or Treating for some reason.

Once again, by the time I was that age, my folks didn't seem that interested. Or maybe I just don't remember.

But I have vague visions of going around my block, face getting hot in those plastic or rubber masks, just happy that the magical night had finally arrived.

When it was over, the disappointment was always greater than the thrill of having so much candy (and candy was a big commodity I rarely had much of when I was young). But I was already looking forward to the next year.

What are your favorite Halloween memories?


  1. I wish I could say I have Halloween memories, but we don't have Halloween here. It seems like a fun thing for kids, although the idea of sending your kids out on the rampage around the neighbourhood by themselves at night is an idea that would horrify most parents these days - but then thats the way of the world nowadays, non? Halloween is largely viewed here as one of those 'only in America' things here.

  2. I have always been a Halloween junkie. I remember one year, my mom took me to a co-workers house who the gave me ALL of her candy, including a giant chocolate cat!

    My mom worked alot of hours and her health ws not great so trick or treating was always hre in the car and me on foot. When I had kids of my own, no matter what I felt like, we went and did the ENTIRE historic district of our city. It made for memories they will never forget.

    I live in England now, and trick or treating is catching on. I get more and more kiddos every year and make sure that friends of my son get lots of home made goodies!

  3. Four little girls standing on our front porch in Sepulveda, all in costume. Bonus: my mother in a Pendleton jacket, blue jeans and a rubber gorilla mask. I need to find that photo . . .

  4. Kitty, you are in Australia, right? My late brother went to New Zealand in the late 80's and said they celebrated Halloween there.

    Parents go around with kids for the most part, unless the kids are older.

    Pixie, I think my Mom did that with us one year during the short time she drove a car... Drove us around. But I remember going with a brother then a friend.

    Make that post, Christine, we want to see it!

  5. I am sad the carefree days of being able to go out with friends trick or treating are long gone, but I am also glad that there are safe Halloween alternatives. I'm taking my kids to "Trunk or Treat" at our church.b

    My favorite memory is one year it was raining when we were trick or treating. I was with a bunch of kids from the neighborhood and one of the dads drove us around in his pick up truck so we would be out in the rain so long. We all just piled in the back. :) I can't remember my costume but I do remember my make up was running. We had a lot of fun!

  6. I remember a very nice elderly couple down the street, they liked me a lot, so they would make me my own special goodie bag with my name on it, plus the misses would always have a tray of fresh popcorn balls and cider or cocoa to drink while the grownups chatted.

  7. Oh man! I love this post! I have sooo many Halloween memories, but one my Mom still talks about and our whole family get a kick out of was when I was in the 4th grade. I kept telling my Mom, "I'm having a Halloween party!" NO, she kept saying, YOU ARE NOT!Well, my friend and I fixed up the basement, made my fortune telling table and sent out invitations. Guess what? When kids started to show up, my Mom freaked out and sent my Grandma for cider and donuts! That was kind of the whole of my personality in a nutshell. Still is to this day according to Mom! Zootsuitmama

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  9. Growing up in Colorado, we almost always had to wear a jacket over our costume while trick-or-treating because it was cold outside, so it didn't matter how cool our costume was because you couldn't see it anyway!

    Mom did always check through our candy before we could eat it and we actually could eat homemade treats, if it came from the neighbors!

    I had a few costumes with the matching plastic mask with the elastic band and I remember feeling claustrophobic and sweaty when I would wear it!

  10. Growing up with my two sisters and I always went trick or treating! When I was 4 or 5 I was Casper, the friendly ghost (my favorite cartoon character at the time). Remember the feel of the plastic mask and how the moisture from your breath would make you feel like you would suffocate? haha
    Thanks for sharing this post. I love the black and white photo.

  11. Ahhh what wonderful memories you all have! I love hearing about them. =)

  12. Just found your blog, and I love it. I live in a 1906 colonial revival myself, but I am a fan of mid-century fashion....good stuff!

    Halloweens are rather fun....I think my favorite year as a kid was when I was a ballerina. I was in kindergarten, and my mother made my entire costume by pretty! Needless to say, it was very, very pink.

  13. Love your blog! I am your newest follower!

  14. Love Halloween- wish some of the more scary/retro decorations were still available.

  15. I think it was my kindergarten year - 1980. My dad bought this creepy rubber skeleton mask. My mom died some old bed sheets black. Then he sat on a stool as still as can be holding a bowl of candy. People thought he was a statue so they would go up to him and then he'd move a little or groan and people would freak out. I wish I could record the story the way he tells it because it's hilarious.

    Now my friend Curly has these big haunted to-dos at her house for the trick-or-treaters. This year we're doing a haunted carnivale on her front lawn!