Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Beautiful Rainy Day - And Thank You Vintage Christine!!!

Hello all my good friends!

Oh Christine, I got my wonderful vase yesterday and I was so thrilled!

I am going to grab the image off your blog because I seem to be having digital cameras issues:

Oh gee, I just LOVE it and it looks fantastic in the master bedroom next to my mid-century sculpture couple made out of white plaster or whatever they are. Thank you SO much!!

I've been doing more boring stuff in my house. Moving things from one room into another. No where near as much fun as buying vintage goodies!

Work continues to be a huge pain. I brokered a big deal and now the client is messing around with the money part: in limbo for at least 90 days arg...

But it's a lovely rainy day, I got my little room heater out for the first time all summer, and while I am exhausted, I am happy enough. You have to find little smiles throughout your day. For me, it's watching my cats play, or the returning Western Scrub Jays in my trees, or catching the sunset or watching a good movie.

I hope you are taking time to find smiles in your day, no matter how stressful!