Saturday, October 16, 2010

Arg! eBay!

I have been too busy to spend much time shopping eBay.

I needed to take a break from it anyways.

I have just about everything I need.

Items I have put on my watch list, passed me by, ending without me remembering they were going to end.

I kicked myself for missing out on a vintage red Eames footstool with hairpin legs, but meh, not the end of the world.

Then I started to look yesterday.

And I found something I never thought I'd see...

Arg but the total will be $200 or more!!


I started to post what it is, then thought: Maybe I might buy it...

But $200?


OK, how do you get over items you REALLY want, but are too expensive? Well, unless you eat boiled rice for a month... lol Would it be worth it? Tell me, I need help deciding here!

Happy Saturday all my good friends!! 1950's Atomic Ranch House lady has been working very hard. Reading all your blogs, trying to comment as much as I can, sometimes not... But reading!
So... A month of boiled rice and twice the guilt for a cool but over-priced vintage thingie, or just...let...it...go.... ?