Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Who Makes The Best Chocolate?


If you are diabetic, back OUT of this blog post NOW!!

See's is vintage... As a company, See's candy has been in business since 1921. I have tasted chocolate of all kinds, and hands down, I believe this is the best. It cannot compare to 99.9% of the chocolate you find at the grocery store, and tastes better than a lot of other "fancy" chocolate I have tried.

I ordered a box of their nuts and chews (my favorite) last year, online. A gift to myself. I don't eat a lot of chocolate, certainly not like when I was a kid, (I still have Halloween candy left over from last year, in addition to Christmas and Easter candy I discovered in the back of my fridge!) but this set me up to a doomed existence.

You see, once you order one thing, you get these regular emails, detailing each sale and seasonal candy they feature.

And I am a "sucker" for Halloween, so when their Fall and Halloween line of candy showed up, I started to calculate what it would set me back to order some of this. Hard decision to make: What to buy!?

Here is a link to their Halloween candy, but shop around. Beware, you won't be able to resist!

So here is the question for all of you: International bloggers opinion most welcome too...

What is the best chocolate you have ever had? And please provide a link or brand name so we can check it out!

I have tried real Belgium chocolate, and it was wonderful too! I'd love to sample some from around the world.

Thanks to our friend zootsuitmama for her early Halloween inspiration, and all the decorations she has put up in her vintage home already.

I can't wait to buy some See's and display it on my tidbit trays!


  1. My favorite is my hometown company, Anthony Thomas. http://www.anthony-thomas.com/ They make awesome Buckeyes, which is important in Columbus! But my favorite thing they make is their caramel-filled chocolate bars. Schoolkids sell them here for fundraisers a lot, and I never say no. Plus I always remember Mom getting mad if Dad showed up with grocery store chocolates on Valentine's day, and not an Anthony Thomas heart-shaped sampler. Also I took their factory tour last year, and to my surprise, much of their candy is still handmade, even the chocolate bunnies! Plus most of their staff spend their whole career there because it is a great place to work. (I am passionate about my chocolate, lol)

  2. I personally love Scharffenberger dark chocolate. Love is an understatement. I get giddy whenever I get my hands on some.


  3. I love Godiva chocolates, but an easier to find purchase is Cadbury's. And for my money, you just cannot beat a Whitman's sampler.

  4. Belgian choccy is the best I've ever tasted. It's so smooth and aromatic. Melts in your mouth. Can't recall a brand name, just that it was Belgian.

    Hugs and love, beautiful!

  5. Darlin', you don't have to sell me. I've had chocolate from all over the world and See's is it hands down.

    Anyone who ever tastes See's candy puts their favorites aside.

    Dang, now I have to stop at the store on the way home...

  6. One of my favorite places for chocolate is Ethel M's in Henderson, Nevada. Whenever I visit my sister in Las Vegas I beg her to take me there. It's a giant botanical cacti and succulent garden surrounding Ethel M's factory--a gorgeous walk, especially when the cacti are in bloom! They use the waste water from the small factory to irrigate after it's been run through a series ponds and reeds to filter it. It's impressive! My favorite chocolates are the "coctail" chocolates, but all of the chocolates are little pieces of art--almost too pretty to eat. I highly recommend it--especially when you want to be away from the busy Vegas Strip. Not to mention, Wayne Newton's Shenandoah isn't too far from it! Ethelschocolate.com.

  7. "ay mama", am I dreaming? these are so cute.
    my fave is See's of course when in California..now that I am living in England,UK
    I love Cadburys also love Belgian chocolate too.

  8. See's Candy has a shop near my house. They will give you a free sample every time you visit, even if your are only looking. I love their "Irish Potatoes" at St. Patrick's Day and all their Christmas candy packaging.

  9. OH..MY...GOODNESS!!They look amazing!I love the kitty cat stuff & the little fondant type ones with the pumpkins & ghosts on them.I guess the only company i know in Oz that would even come close to that is Haighs .They are lovely but not that readily available.
    I used to love the whitman sampler but sadly i don't think we get it here anymore,i havn't been able to find them for ages.

  10. Wow, a lot of chocolate lovers out there!

    I will check any links and brands you all mentioned.

    But it would seem, See's still leads (Barbara is a great spokeswoman for their cause lol).

    I have to say, I have had Cadbury's and Whitman's, and it does not compare to See's.

    Maybe I have become a picky old woman, but virtually none of the store brands are any good, save for one kind I actually found at, of all places, Wal Mart.

    Google "Merci chocolate" and you'll see what it looks like. Now that is also VERY good chocolate, and it's not terribly expensive.

  11. I love chocolate! Will have to give See's a try.
    My favourite here in Canada is chocolate from a little island off the British Columbia coast called Denman Island. Here is the link: http://www.denmanislandchocolate.com/
    Try it out.

  12. See's is the best overall! Favorites are their Dark Chocolate Truffle and Cashew Brittle (with white chocolate coating with coconut).

    Current favorite is E. Guittard's Ambanja 65% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate bar.

  13. oooh I'm sorry but I haven't tried any chocolate from the US that I like, eeek *runs away* Maybe I'll try See's next time I'm there and see if I can be convinced. You do something different with chocolate over there that no one else seems to do, I don't know what it is but it changes the taste.

    Cadburys is good, so is Galaxy YUM, Belgian chocolate is lovely but also Swiss Chocolate is just as good as Belgian in my opinion! There are lots of arstisan types of choc in the UK, I've tried a few - research purposes you understand - and they're all good :o)

  14. I'm no chocoholic so don't feel qualified to vote BUT I can not stand that cheap chocolate you find in discount stores around Easter. It makes me feel ill.

    But I have learned that Cadbury's chocolate (and perhaps other brands) varies greatly from country to country (UK different to Australia and so on) so we're probably not tasting what our international friends are tasting.

  15. lol no worries STM, like I said, 99.9% of the chocolate here is, well, *blek*

    There are a few standard chocolate bars that are good. Snickers is one I can think of.

    But I have also tasted the over-priced Godiva chocolate and was really disappointed. $2 US per piece and it tasted no better than Cadbury at $0.20 a piece.

    Interesting that the same brand is made differently in different places.

  16. I am one of those Ultimate Lifelong See's fans.
    NOTHING compares to their chocolates.
    And I love them WAY too much.
    I have written about them numerous times - and will again, because I cannot and will not resist them.
    It is a very good thing that the nearest shop is more than an hour away, and that I refuse to pay mail-order prices.

  17. Here is another one I thought of, also in my hometown: http://pureimaginationchocolatier.com/catalog/
    Supposedly Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt, and Bruce Willis all order them regularly, and they were mentioned on an episode of "Ugly Betty." The are excellent, esp. their dark chocolate, and they are the most beautiful candies I've ever seen. But pricey!

  18. ONLY See's for this mid-century girl! Not only is it THEE BEST chocolate, but they have the cutest candy shops...all gleamy white...and chocolaty smelling...makes me happy just stepping in the door!