Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Who Makes The Best Chocolate?


If you are diabetic, back OUT of this blog post NOW!!

See's is vintage... As a company, See's candy has been in business since 1921. I have tasted chocolate of all kinds, and hands down, I believe this is the best. It cannot compare to 99.9% of the chocolate you find at the grocery store, and tastes better than a lot of other "fancy" chocolate I have tried.

I ordered a box of their nuts and chews (my favorite) last year, online. A gift to myself. I don't eat a lot of chocolate, certainly not like when I was a kid, (I still have Halloween candy left over from last year, in addition to Christmas and Easter candy I discovered in the back of my fridge!) but this set me up to a doomed existence.

You see, once you order one thing, you get these regular emails, detailing each sale and seasonal candy they feature.

And I am a "sucker" for Halloween, so when their Fall and Halloween line of candy showed up, I started to calculate what it would set me back to order some of this. Hard decision to make: What to buy!?

Here is a link to their Halloween candy, but shop around. Beware, you won't be able to resist!

So here is the question for all of you: International bloggers opinion most welcome too...

What is the best chocolate you have ever had? And please provide a link or brand name so we can check it out!

I have tried real Belgium chocolate, and it was wonderful too! I'd love to sample some from around the world.

Thanks to our friend zootsuitmama for her early Halloween inspiration, and all the decorations she has put up in her vintage home already.

I can't wait to buy some See's and display it on my tidbit trays!