Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vintage Tidbit Trays - How Can You Not Love Them?

I've had my eye on tidbit trays, ever since I saw a photo of one on a vintage green formica kitchen table I saw and posted last year. Oh it's not a mad passion, but I just love them!

And for our friend Vintage Christine, see? I have not stopped shopping eBay, this silver beauty arrived a couple days ago. I love it!

And because I saw some very similar to this kind on Barbara's blog giveaway a while ago, I had to have one in this design!

I like things I can use, and these can be used for all sorts of snacks and such. I suppose you could display all kinds of clever things on these tidbit trays, couldn't you?

Some have matching things that go with them.

Don't fret over any minor scuffs and such, just lay your candy, cookies, cupcakes or vintage jewelry on them, and scuffs vanish!

I bet every one of my viewers has at least ONE tidbit tray, right?

As an anxious Mom, I finally let Chris out back to spend kitty time. The tube removal went exceptionally well, a couple more days of bandage, and now finally free of any wrappings, he looks so nekkid out under my orange tree, dozing and sunning his toesies.

Thank you all again for all of your warm regards with Chris, I wanted to show him a month later, back to his smiling self again. Still a bit thin through his hips, I am trying to plump him up, but otherwise, doing fine.

The diva, Miss Kitten, dozing and sunning her toesies too.

I have no back yard to show off until I get that seeded this spring, but the cats don't care!

Gosh your support came as a bit of a surprise, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Hugs to all of you who have pet friends as well.


  1. aw, we love your kitties and you from afar. how could we not offer our support? you come into our homes, hang out with us in our jammies and keep us entertained. You share your life with us and we are friends, even if virtual ones!

  2. awww (((((pixie))))) thanks. =) What a sweet way to say it.

  3. Oooooh I love those trays and don't have any myself :(

    Good to see Chris up and about. Your cats are so lucky to have such a caring owner.

  4. OOh I love those Mirro trays, I have some in my watch list at the moment but they're at $60 BIN or something, so I'll wait until I get them cheaper. They'd look great on a Danish teak sideboard...which I hope to have one day :)
    Good to see your babies out and about and doing what cats do best-looking regal!

  5. I find the Mirro tidbit dishes occasionally, normally for less than $10.....maybe I should start picking them up!

  6. Aw, Miss Kitten looks like a cat I had when I was about 10. His name was Joey.

    Love tidbit trays! I really like the white one with the blue stars.

  7. eBay US they run between $10US and maybe $20US. You can find a lot for $5-$9US depending on the style.

    Chris got a good dose of kitty time for a change. Not stuck indoors, no big hot bandage around his neck, me not checking up on him every 15 minutes to make sure he wasn't scratching his neck or messin' with his tube or stitches. Just time to sit and do what kitties do. =)

    He couldn't wait to groom around his neck and scratch! Poor guy he's been needing to do that for a month! lol...

  8. Love the Tidbit Trays. I've posted my collection of Tidbit Trays & lazy Susans in response on my blog, 59KUSTOM.

  9. I love the tidbit trays too, I don't have any but I do have a really nice lazy susan, I love them too I would have more but they takes up soooo much room!

    Chris looks VERY happy and content, nice to see

  10. Thanks 59KUSTOM, i checked out your post and commented, love your collection!

    Yeah, I have hesitated to get lazy susans, but gee, 59KUSTOM has a few that are amazing... Hmmm I might have to go check eBay and see what is available...

  11. Oh, I seriously love that 3 tier tray with the turquoise star plates! I have a green metal single tier Danish modern tidbit that also came with little serving dishes that I nabbed at a yard sale awhile back--guess I need to dig it out since it's very cool. Now I tend to gravitate to glass tidbits by Fenton, etc. As for lazy susans, of course I have several sets and now when I go to flea markets or yard sales I'm always looking for the stands. BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: I have only TWO items on my eBay watch list and NONE on my buying list. Of course, the purchased items list is obscenely long . . . I'm getting through this, slowly but surely.

  12. I have become VERY picky about what I decide to try to buy.

    But I missed the bid on some amazing AMAZING atomic cloth last night by minutes AND it sold for DIRT CHEAP, and I am pissed PISSED about missing it... But hey, I have other material that matches my living room, so... You win some, you let some go. =)

  13. We love kitties and doggies and aminals of all kinds (yes, I said aminals - a leftover from my dad's speak). Glad Chris is doing better!!

  14. Yay! Chris is looking swell and quite kittenish, if I say so, Miss A!

    You sound in better spirits too. So, thank whatever powers there is for all good that you seem to be endowed with.


  15. Boy oh boy, I have enough tid bits for all of those trays! I should look for some myself. I like the tiered versions especially. I'm glad your kitty is doing well. Give him a special pat from all of us :-)