Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sputnik, Calyx and Pottery - And A 1957 Airfloat Flagship

Yesterday was a holiday, and usually that means some good deals on eBay while folks are out having BBQs or whatever it is they are doing.

So, being the hard-working entrepreneur I am, I was, of course, working yesterday. And since I work so darn hard (I really do) and because I usually have time to comb through a lot of searches on eBay, I thought I'd give it a go.

Above is a 'Sputnik Remembrance' clock. The red thing it the hour part, the little gold ball on the outside of the earth map globe is Sputnik. I think Sputnik is the minute hand part.

The clock is deep and resembles a dashboard dial or something.

Anyways, this will go in my office space room.

I got a pair of these Calyx pattern chair cushions. Well, they are cushion COVERS which the seller didn't make clear until I saw a "question from buyer" as I was emailing for the combined invoice.

Still, a good deal, I'll simply buy a couple inserts to fit. (Grumbles at seller for photographing them with stuffing and NOT making it clear).

I expanded my unknown pottery makers of the 1950's to include bowls lol. This one is dated "1954" and has age wear on the bottom, so looks like the real deal. I know, you are rolling your eyes at this one. I think I paid $1 for it.

All cheap cheap cheap. I passed on a cool clock that didn't work and needed a battery operated replacement housing on the back when my $13 bid was dwarfed by a $51 bid. No thanks!

That orange clock in my prior post sold for $280.

It's a DARN good thing I didn't see this 1957 Airfloat Flagship Trailer for sale until an hour before the end of the auction. Located within driving distance, it sold for only $2,700!

But this is 1950's Atomic RANCH HOUSE, not 1950's Atomic Trailer! I need another project like I need a hole in my freakin' head!

I can just see the look on my neighbors' faces as I have this roll up to my house. They already think me eccentric, this would only confirm it.

Check this out:

Soooweet. But NO NO NO I had to let it pass!

I hope everyone had a good weekend!


  1. The caravan is amazing, we don't have anything like that here (within vintage I mean). What I don't get, is, if you call a caravan a trailer, what do you call an actual trailer?? Sorry I know I'm getting off topic here!

  2. A caravan (here) means a bunch of them lol... A trailer is a single one.

    Damn, see that wonderful mellow wood interior? Those cabinet handles match the one's I have here in my kitchen.

    Gee I'm glad I didn't see this days before, because if I did, I would have taken a look at it, fallen in love with it, and be arranging to have it parked in my back yard.

    NO NO NO I can't take on another project!!

  3. You always find so many great things. I hardly everrr do.

  4. That is sooo sweet and so cheap, I have to confess I never understand the trailer name either, it's caravan in the UK too, but whatever it's called that is sooo cool!

  5. I guess it's like calling a car trunk a "boot". Just different terms for different things. But boy did I learn my lesson on the different meanings to the word "Fanny" lol......

  6. british:
    Lift = elevator
    Flat = apartment

    Trailer = mobile home
    pissed = angry

    Just things I've picked up recently. LOL. NOW, back to your GORGEOUSLY awesome finds, Miss! Shooooooooot, you are kicking my ass with the deals you've found! AWESOME cushions!

    And... I almost fainted when I saw the trailer. OMG.

    Hello, Miss A! I miss you!

  7. P.S. Please remind me of your e-mail... I lost it, dagnabit!

  8. Hiya Darlene, yeah, my international friends on chat boards have taught me all kinds of words and terms and such.

    Nah, passing up a whole lot of "stuff" lately, just getting things I really NEED, or things I am sure I can use.

    And as much as I love LOVE that trailer, no way, nuh huh, not gonna happen lol...

  9. por favor... your e-mail, lovey...

  10. Omg...I would have loved that trailer!! We've been looking at new Airstream trailers, and they don't come cheap. That trailer you picture looks to be in such good condition!

    I want a camper or trailer so badly. I used to want a small getaway cottage at the coast, now I want a means to go anywhere I want, and a trailer/camper would afford that luxury. Sadly, not in the budget for a very long time.

  11. Holy crow! That trailer sure is something! I love that little secretary/hutch thing the trailer's rockin'. I want one for my own house LOL!

  12. The way I've been eBaying lately had I seen that trailer the next thing I would've done was head out the door in the pickup to drive to CA to pick it up--and I could've met you, too! Then when I got home I would've packed up all my clothes and stuff and began life as a single gal living in a cool trailer because hubby would've seriously divorced me! Love all your actual purchases--I have GOT to start looking at stuff other than glass and Pyrex...

  13. MmmmHmmmm yeah, like I said, glad I didn't have time to go see that trailer!

    My neighbors would have forced me out of my house if I had this hauled to my place. I would have had to pack it all up and go on the road too!

  14. Christine, beware when you expand your searches. I just did, and now I am trapped, TRAPPED into maybe buying something I normally wouldn't get lol...

    Pics to come, if I wind up getting these things.......

  15. Can I borrow your camper so I can run away from home?

  16. okay, that camper is toooooo cool. how sweet that kitchen looks! i agree with the comment above - i wouldn't mind running away from home in that thing :)

  17. That trailer!! Wow! I'd live in it!!

  18. Oh, you are smart doing the eBay while folks are off Labor Day-ing! That trailer seems like quite the steal. You showed great restraint.

    I'm glad that Chris is doing better. :)

  19. The Sputnick Remembrance clock is so cool. I totally want it!

  20. Love the cushions. How in the world could one pass up a trailer/caravan/dream home like that? That is a thing of beauty for sure.

  21. GREAT BLOG! I'm a new follower, and checking out the archives. You could have lived like Lucy & Desi in the Long Trailer, with that find!!!