Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Long Post Waxing Philosophic

This is a wordy post, no pretty photos, I understand if most if not all skip this one over lol...

So I made a post the other day about how I was disappointed that the seller of the cloth doll have mailed everything in one of those tyvex bags, and the dolls neck was bent at a dangerous angle because of it.

Then the Sputnik clock? The gears or whatever are SO loud, I can't use it, not even in another room. This baby runs like an old farm tractor.

And I sure get tired of laying out my hard earned money for disappointments. Life hands us enough of those already, no need to pay for them!

And I deleted it because. . . I get tired of complaining.

So what to blog about?

I haven't made the time to get out any of my Fall or Halloween goodies just yet. Working too much to make any real progress in the house... (Gee I get weary of the treadmill of work, don't you?), I don't have cool vintage clothes to dress up in and take photos of . . .

Chris goes in this morning for feeding tube removal, no anesthesia, ick, my heart aches for him and I hope they treat him well because this will be traumatic for him (and me!).

Gee I will be glad when this round is finally done. I am too sensitive for this stuff.

So my fellow bloggers, just a post to let you know, I am trying to figure out what direction to take my blog in next, when it does not include weekly eBay shopping nor photos of my finished house, because it is not!

Happy Wednesday, keep blogging while I figure out what to do so I can read what all of you are up to and be inspired!