Monday, September 27, 2010

Heat Wave

Gee, I bet in some of the places that some of you lucky people live, it's looking more like the photo above.

But after a wonderfully cool week complete with one fabulous foggy morning, it's back to 110 F. Yeah, lucky me!

And if you consider THIS "Fall color", then this is about how it looks in my little part of the world!

(All photos nabbed off the internet this time, because it's too hot to take photos of anything).

So here I sit, slaving away in my office, the only air conditioned room, and waiting for the heat to pass so I can move around again.

I just found out my eBay account is at a minus $3!! Oops! What the heck! They must have penalized me for not having a certain amount in there, because I had at LEAST $12 in there last time I checked!

OK, so I will add money to that account as soon as I can get in my car and not burn my fingers off on the steering wheel so I can take a deposit up to the bank.

Meanwhile YES I have been reading all your wonderful blogs, but I have not been commenting as much. Bah @ me. Busy, very, very busy. And tired because I am so busy.

Just a little "work hump", it'll pass lol...

Hope to be posting more soon, meanwhile I do hope each and every one of you is experiencing wonderful Fall weather (or Spring if you are a friend on the other hemisphere!) and big hugs to all of you!!


  1. We are almost at that first pic here in the Maritimes! A couple more weeks.
    It is 15 degrees C. right now...the way I love it. Hope you get some relief soon.

  2. Oh my! That's hot!!!
    I took my girls to the mountains this weekend and saw some gorgeous golden leaves---almost neon to stand amongst them all. I'll not complain that it was 90 degrees while we were feeding the fish below Flaming Gorge Dam. I hope you're able to find a Snoopy Sno Cone machine to get you through the heat wave!!

  3. ooooh get you, well it was 13 degrees C here today in the UK!

  4. 13 degrees celsius is pretty nice in my opinion. Oh, Miss A... do stay cool, that's a dangerous wave of heat and seems like it may be problematic in terms of getting sick.

    Hugs and love to you and your furries...

  5. I just heard on the radio that today is a record high in LA, 114! Wowza, thats hot! So much for not wearing white after laybor day, I am sitting here in a white cotton frock. ha ha. I was so looking forward to fall too!


  6. It has been really cold here in the UK at the moment. But then again for us it will start to get a little more chilly now. Not quite ready for winter coats but not warm enough to go with a little sweater

  7. We live in TN so the fall weather is finally starting to set in. I just relished in it yesterday while my kids ran around in the yard. :) I love every single little thing about fall! I swear it doesn't last long enough.

  8. I can sympathize! I'm in Santa Barbara, CA, and even here on the coast we hit 106 degrees yesterday!

  9. I miss fall weather. I'm tired of year round sameness. Florida is a great state for vacations but not for living year round. It's boring.