Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Eames Dollhouse - 1965

Here is an unusual find on eBay: An Eames style and era handmade dollhouse.

The description reads:

This is an unusual, hard to find doll house. It was made from plans found in woodworking magazines during the 60s, and it's a real gem. It's quite large for a doll house, 36" in diameter and standing 12" high. with a circumferance of over 9 ft. It was hand made made in 1965 and given it's age it's in pretty good condition. It has an old repair between one wall and ceiling, which you can see in photo Number 5. It has some miner dings and scrapes, but nothing that distracts from the overall look. The paint job is original and intact, though I did touch it up here and there. The house spins on a lazy Susan type wheel-see photo of bottom. It is signed, by H. Mahon and dated 1965. I'm listing this as a pickup from central coastal New Jersey, though I am willing to deliver to the Tri-State area and Md for $2 per mile, minium $25. Thanks for looking.

I think it unusual, but it's priced at $500, as is.

Too rich for my blood. Maybe if it were fully furnished.

But it can be yours HERE.

It does give me the inspiration, to try making my own Eames 1950's Atomic Ranch House dollhouse. Maybe a simple model of my own home, not a "doll house per se".. How cool would that be?

Years ago, I fell in love with a simple 6 room, 3 story dollhouse I saw in a store. Mom couldn't afford the one on display, but she secretly hired a man to make it for me, for the paltry sum of about $60. He made it really well, and I still have it to this day. It was such a wonderful surprise!

Mom and I used to order furniture from the Miles Kimball catalog. Mostly Colonial Revival style furniture, as that's what was popular, and Mom seemed to love it so much, I'd get it to please her as well. Every holiday I used to dress it up for whatever holiday was at hand. Even though I wasn't much of a "doll person", I loved playing with it!

I think I used to have one of those printed metal Ranch House dollhouses too, I forget the name. But my older brothers tore it up pretty fast with their idea of "playing" with it. Ugh!

Did you have a dollhouse? And what kind did you have?