Friday, September 17, 2010

Do You Remember Saying: "I Can't Wait Until I Grow Up!!"

We all remember saying this to a parent or caretaker, don't we?

I was about 7 or 8, Mom and I were out back, after dark, and I remember hugging her and saying:

"I can't wait until I grow up, I'll get to do anything I want to!"

Mom hugged me back, and in her wisdom said:

"Oh dear, it's wonderful to be grown up, but you will have to listen to what your boss says and what your husband says and a lot of other people too."

Now she didn't mean "cater" to a husband, but she meant, you will always have to be taking direction or the consideration of others.

So here I am now, listening to no one but myself, doing exactly what I want, and that's the way I wanted it! It didn't happen all at once, but I finally arrived, for the most part. Sure took me a long time to "grow up" lol...

What is your "I can't wait until I grow up" story?