Thursday, September 2, 2010

Do You Ever See Things on eBay or Etsy That You Already Have, and Get Excited?

Am I the only one who will come across something on eBay that I already own, and get excited to see it there? Or is this some kind of bizarre validation deal on my part?

I have this bracelet. Well, Mom did. It looks fab, though it's a simple paste bracelet. When I saw it on eBay with a BIN for $95, I was excited.

Do you get excited to see things you own in these auctions?

This was really something to see. Years ago, Grandma, Mom's Mom, sent me a box of small and treasured dolls. In the same box was the female of these two porcelain wall plaques. You see? More of that Colonial Revival stuff from back in the 1950's.

Ay any rate. Mom always told me it was special and to take good care of it. So I kept it packed away until last year when I started to display it in the Pink room. After all, what good is something if you keep it packed away out of sight?

So then I unexpectedly come across it again, on eBay, and see it's actually one of a pair.

And the pair was priced at $7.99. So much for "rare and special". Ahh but mine is of course special because it's sentimental.

I didn't buy this pair, and it did not sell. You can't give away Colonial Revival stuff on eBay. Besides, I have enough frill and froo in the Pink room already, but it was a surprise to see it as a pair.

So good people of blogland, how do you react when you see things you already own on eBay or Etsy? Excited? Chagrined? Happy? Or nothing?