Thursday, September 16, 2010

Did You See It Happen!? Apollo 11 - Where Were You In 1969?

Where were you July 20, 1969? Did you get to see the first man walk on the moon?

We take space travel for granted these days we do it so often. But back in 1969 this was a big deal... A HUGE deal. The Soviets got the first man in orbit, but it was the challenge of the nation's pride to have the first man on the moon.

It wasn't just a big deal in America, the whole world watched this event. It was a time of excitement, and due to the Viet Nam war, the nation needed the moral boost, and we did it!

I just finished watching a wonderful video on this subject, with exceptional interviews of the astronauts and what their thoughts were at the time.

Called In The Shadow of the Moon, you can easily rent it from Netflix, I imagine it's on cable, or take the time to watch it for free on youtube. Part 1:

Click HERE for the link to the first part of In The Shadow of the Moon on youtube and to watch all parts of this wonderful documentary.

Were you lucky enough to see this happen live? What do you remember about it? Do you remember the excitement of the world at the time? Incredible!