Sunday, September 5, 2010

1950's Geometric Eames Atomic Clock

Sweet clock! Love the style, but the colors... Not my thing.

I imagine it would be easy enough to make something like this. I may give it a try one day.

It can be yours CLICK HERE. Currently $137.50, too rich for my taste.

I passed up a nice 1950's reddish slipper chair. I'm so afraid to get another musty problem.

Besides, I really want a couch. It can't stink, it's got to have the style of the 1950's, it has to be black, and it has to be something I can actually afford, AND it has to be delivered. I don't think I will ever find one.

Maybe if I buy new, which I just might do, as long as it's not make like a piece of junk. I see quite a few reviews on new furniture, couches in particular, that have the right style, color and price, but people who bought them seem to claim they are shoddy.


WHOO HOO! My statues and Sputnik ornaments arrived yesterday and I love them!!

MmmmHmmmm the Mr sure does like checking out the Mz. Looks like he's making eyes at her. Think there may be sculpture babies in their future? Little Eames running amok all over my 1950's Atomic Ranch House?

Oops too dark in the living room to photograph the ornaments, ah well, scroll down to prior posts if you want to check them out, I've already posted them.

The seller jinglekell is a dream, check out her current auctions HERE. After so many blah purchases, it's really nice to have great experiences!

Have you found any great deals or anything fantastic lately? I think I have the end of summer blahs, excited to know Fall is almost here.

I have been reading all your blogs, but didn't get to reply to a few of them the last couple days. Work is kicking my ass again, and some mornings I am too incoherent to speak!

Happy Sunday!