Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vintage Christmas and Google Earth

I avoid adding to my holiday collection because I have all the holidays covered. Well, mostly, maybe not July Fourth yet, or Thanksgiving.

I think I bid on this set of vintage wrapping paper and tags because:

It was very inexpensive...

Lots of vintage christmas wrapping paper...

And more tags and seals that you can shake a stick at...

Over 5 pounds worth, all tucked into a rather slim box. ie: It will fit in the loaded holiday hall closet. And for some reason, the s/h was very low.

Besides, this is something I can use. I always wanted to wrap my gifts in vintage wrapping paper, so perhaps this year...

Here is something really different I started doing to keep my mind from going crazy with worry over my little buddy, and I was wondering how many of you have done this?

I started looking up the old photos with addresses my folks lived at, back in the day. And going to google earth maps, and looking to see if they were still there, and what they look like now.

Was surprised to see several places my folks lived at back in the 40's-50's, still there and thriving, from what I can tell by the street view.

Very interesting, and sort of connected me to them, in a way.

Yikes, not sure who painted this red brick yellow...

Have you done this yet?

OH! And things are looking slightly better for Chris, but biopsy results don't come back until Friday. I want to thank all of your for your generous concern!! More updates on him as I find out.