Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vintage Christmas and Google Earth

I avoid adding to my holiday collection because I have all the holidays covered. Well, mostly, maybe not July Fourth yet, or Thanksgiving.

I think I bid on this set of vintage wrapping paper and tags because:

It was very inexpensive...

Lots of vintage christmas wrapping paper...

And more tags and seals that you can shake a stick at...

Over 5 pounds worth, all tucked into a rather slim box. ie: It will fit in the loaded holiday hall closet. And for some reason, the s/h was very low.

Besides, this is something I can use. I always wanted to wrap my gifts in vintage wrapping paper, so perhaps this year...

Here is something really different I started doing to keep my mind from going crazy with worry over my little buddy, and I was wondering how many of you have done this?

I started looking up the old photos with addresses my folks lived at, back in the day. And going to google earth maps, and looking to see if they were still there, and what they look like now.

Was surprised to see several places my folks lived at back in the 40's-50's, still there and thriving, from what I can tell by the street view.

Very interesting, and sort of connected me to them, in a way.

Yikes, not sure who painted this red brick yellow...

Have you done this yet?

OH! And things are looking slightly better for Chris, but biopsy results don't come back until Friday. I want to thank all of your for your generous concern!! More updates on him as I find out.


  1. I do it all the time!

    Hey, did you check out the gravel art I found and posted on my blog? Looks like I'm probably going to keep it...I keep seeing it on my walls..

  2. I saw them before Barbara, but my mind was distracted over my bud lol, so I commented on them just now.

    I think I will try to make my own gravel art one of these days. Something super cool and atomic. Can't be that hard, right? =)

  3. Hey silly goober - I still have them, not listed yet. You want one?

  4. Keep them! Or list them.

    I'm so anal my stuff all has to match, and I don't have a tropical or bird theme in any rooms. =/ Not after I saw what that stuff sells for anyways lol...

    OK, at least keep the fighting cocks tee hee snicker..........

  5. I like the Christmas stuff, but it is too overboard on the vintage collecting stuff for even me.

    I did a post on going back to my hometown with the vantage point of google earth. My childhood home had burned down and now there is a parking lot in its place. I wasn't good at the photo aspects of blogger then, but the post about my hometown is cool:

  6. i do that all the time! it makes me want to buy the house my Mom grew up in, in Maine.

  7. Geez seems I am way behind the curve on this!

    I have no idea why this didn't occur to me before. Now I'll have to dig up more addresses to see all the old homes. =D

  8. My mum still lives where I grew up, so I know how it looks ;o)

    Nice Christmas stuff!

  9. I'm pretty sure there would be a bunch of crack whores at one of the older addresses but I think I'll check out a couple places in the Valley where we lived in Sepulveda and Van Nuys--I still remember both my street address AND telephone number (Empire 45257). And no we didn't have a crank telephone although we might have had a party line. That was soooo irritating back in the day but kinda sounds like fun now.

    This will be the first of 7000 subsequent comments to stay up with you and Barbara on my blog.

    I love youse guys!

  10. What kind of gravel art are you looking for? I'll keep my eye out!

  11. lol Christine!! You always crack me the heck up!

    Barbara, I'm looking for the non-existent: The atomic, atom, molecule, space age, geometric stuff that they simply didn't make in gravel art kits back in the day.

    Soooo I will get some colored gravel and string and a few jewels and junk, and try my hand at making some myself... One of these days... When I can take some time off work.......

  12. Oh I never thought to google earth my grandparents house! I have the pics of it being built and it is still there (they sold it many years ago)...I need to go take a pic of it now and make a post showing the comparison..going to google it now! Thanks for the idea :)
    Keeping Chris in my prayers.

  13. I've done this before too! It's so much fun to take a virtual walk down the streets that my relatives have walked down in the past. I'm still keeping your Chris in my thoughts and will anxiously await hearing the update.

  14. Good times on Google Earth, there. I came by hoping to hear word about your wee one. It sounds like things are okay - and for that, prayers were answered. I will keep the good word about Chris going upstairs...

    Hugs and love, vintage Christmas girl...

  15. Hiya Darlene, and thanks everyone for the continued well-wishes.

    Waiting for the latest call from the vet. *sigh* Hope he did well today, he was doing sort of good this morning... Fingers crossed.

  16. *Fingers crossed* and prayers, Miss. I know that feeling...

  17. Oh! So sorry to here that Chris is under the weather... those "kids" sure like to make a person worry a lot. Hope things will be better soon!

    I haven't tried to Google street view thingy since way back when it was new. I think I'll check it out again... Thanks! :)

  18. Hiya Space Commander! Glad to see you back!

    Chris did very well all day today.


    He's hissing, growling and swatting at everyone and being a pill, but that means my lil guy still has strength and hates the vet!

    He hasn't needed to go to the vet in the last 10 years lol no wonder he hates it.

    Keep it up buddy, keep fighting the good fight!

  19. So glad he's doing better and grumpy, Yay!! That's a good sign when a kitty is grumpy at the vet, lol! Go Chris! :O)

    I actually live right near, within 2 minutes literally of my 2 childhood homes, so ya, they basically look the same, both red brick like mine, one built in 50's a cape cod and one built in the 60's a split level, both were so cool, but I know they "renovated" (meaning screwed up totally) the interior of the 60's one several years back, so I imagine all the character I remember is gone, jerks! I would've loved to had that house, it is right near where my grandparents lived, my Mom and sis live in my grandpar. house now, that one still looks great!

  20. YAY! He pulled through with flying colors! I knew it! :)

  21. Well, he sure was upset when I visited him this morning. Traumatized. BUT, so far, so good. Not out of the woods yet, biopsy test results not in until today or tomorrow... Fingers crossed.

    He still has a ways to go. Feeding tube had to be surgically put in (ICK!) and IF he can eat on his own again, that will have to be taken back out, meaning I have to haul him back where he hates it.

    Will come home tomorrow, if all goes well today, but that still means tube feedings, caring for the place where the tube goes in, making sure he makes it to the litter box and he has to wear one of those plastic cones around his head, tight bandage around the neck where his tube is...... It will be just as stressful I think, to have him home.

    Sigh. Never had a cat have to endure this much trauma. I hope he forgives me eventually.

  22. Every time I see the word "Chris" on your blog I think you're talking about ME. Is that egotistical or WHAT ha ha ha.

    At least I'm pretty sure you're not talking about me. Since, you know, I don't hiss or growl. Being a pill, well, now that's debatable. Isn't it funny that we know some pets (and people) are feeling ok because they're being rotten? Keep being a turd, Chris!!!!!

  23. Hahaha... Unless feeding tubes and litter box apply to you, I don't think you have to worry about any confusion lol...

  24. Naw, feeding tubes and Depends somewhere down the line MIGHT apply, though. But considering the fact that my family does have a history of dementia, using the litter box might actually occur, too.