Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Thank You For All Of Your Concern

Chris, back in February, laying on one of my vintage pillows. How come I can never photograph him indoors without the Damien glowing eyes?

NO cancer! The very best news!

But the feeding tube and medicine regimin are something else... Yikes!

He came home yesterday, and after about 20 minutes was purring and in my lap and he licked my hand and gave me a hug the way kitty's do.

Chris and I thank each and every one of you who sent us all the love and concern. It means so much to us. I really cannot believe he just might pull through all this! I was so sure, it would be bad, very bad.

He just has to start eating and drinking on his own. That's the last step. Fingers crossed.

And for those of you who shared stories of losing a beloved pet, hugs go out to you. I have loved and lost many a wonderful pet friend myself. I know how much it makes your heart ache.

Meanwhile, 'Miss Diva', Honey, his "companion" (loose term, there)

...would have been happy if he had never come home. She liked being the only cat around.
Attention ho lol...

OK, I promise to get back to more mid-century goodness, but I just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks to you all. Thank you!


  1. Yay for you, Mz Ranchie! It wasn't looking good at all so I'd have been thinking the worst too if I were you. It must be such a relief for you :)

  2. Told ya kitties are tough! Go Chris!

  3. Yay! That's the best news! Does the doctor know what was wrong with him? I bet that Honey is secretly glad to see him home. He DOES look like a charmer.

  4. I literally choked back tears as I read your post. I'm so happy and relieved that it's NOT cancer and that he's home again with you. Keeping my fingers crossed that he starts to eat and drink on his own again very soon. What a precious little guy you have!

    (((((((Sending more get-well soon vibes.)))))))

    Take care.


  5. Wow, thank you everyone, I mean it sincerely... *sniff*

    Eartha, Vet said he has hyperthyroidism and possibly some kind of irritable bowel syndrome (I know you all wanted to read about that lol!) or otherwise some non-specific inflammation of the deep tissue of the intestines that had all the signs of cancer. This is why I was freaked, and why they had to do a deep, open, surgical biopsy sample.

    Kidneys sort of had signs of bad things too, but they think it might simply be a little bladder infection, there.

    He hate, HATES that plastic conehead collar he has to wear, but it will have to stay on for a while, I am afraid.

    But he's home, able to rest and have quiet time with me. =)

  6. I guess no one told you that the name Chris has magical properties. I probably shouldn't have divulged that since the next thing you know we're gonna hear about CHRIS Palin running for president since you know she'll do anything to get it and I'll have no one to blame but me. Well, barring that horrible scenario we're all happy for Chris and his mama!! Love, Me, Holly,Boogee & Boo The Cat.

  7. Great to hear! Hope he's back to eating & drinking soon :)

  8. Yes! That is great news. Thank you for loving little Chris so much and taking good care of him. Zootsuitmama

  9. So happy that Chris is ok!!!!

  10. Yay Chris!
    He's lucky to have such a great owner.

  11. ha ha Christine... His full name is Christopher Atlatl Javelin. It just had a nice ring to it, rolls off the tongue lol...

    Thanks and big ((hugs)) to all for your concern!! Chris and I thank you from the bottoms of our heart!

  12. This is great must be jumping for joy!

  13. Yes, I am so happy for him!

    Now to get him eating on his own. If you have never tube fed a cat, those plungers are almost impossible to 'plunge'. =O

  14. Oh, I am so so glad that Chris is OK! I have 2 kitties with kidney issues (on meds and OK for now) so...yeah. They are precious family members, no doubt about it.

    xx Lidian

  15. Thanks Lidian, yes, have had many a kitty friend who needed meds and such over the years. Glad yours are able to get the great care they need from you. =)

  16. Yay!!! So happy no cancer!! Boy, he sure has his share of medical problems, but thankfully they are treatable. I am praying he'll eat and drink, and I am betting as he is treated and feeling better I am sure he will. I am guessing he is on an antibiotic, and as that works more he will feel better too.
    Whew, what a scare for you, I have been there.

    2 1/2 yrs ago we lost our 3 kitties we had since we were married, (not all at once) they were all old, about 18, so it was just old age kidney failure, but it was so hard to lose them all that year, and 3 days before we lost the last one (we didn't know she was sick, was just getting them for company for her) we got the 2 kitties we have now, Patches and Muffin. I am amazed how much we love and are close to those 2 kitties now, they helped us through. Anyhow, that's my loss story (plus my childhood kitties too) so I know how hard it is and what a worry when kitties are sick.

    Aww look a the sweet orange Honey the Diva kitty! I am sure she is secretely happy, even if she won't admit it, lol.

    Hope you will be able to get some rest now ;O)

  17. The news is getting better. Hang in there ... he'll pull through and be good as new! I'm sure of it.

  18. Thanks Erin D...

    Yes, antibiotics and things for his lil intestinal stuff and hyperthyroid.

    3 years ago I lost one I'd had for a whopping 21 years, and then his close companion of 18 years, both within a month. Then not too long after that, I lost my late brothers cat, then my late Moms cat.

    I had Chris and Honey already, and so these little friends are very important to me.

    So I understand how hard it is to lose long loved pet friends! Sorry for your loos, it aches one's heart, but I can only console myself in knowing, I always give them as much love and understanding as they give me.

    Thanks too, MmMC!!

  19. Heya! I had to put my elderly cat to sleep back in January. He was one of the most expensive cats in the world, because he had to get his plumbing re-arranged years ago to overcome his urinary tract problems (common in male cats). He was one of the best friends I've ever had. I love to hear recovery stories--pets rule!

  20. Whew! I'm so glad to hear Chris is home and in your care. Eat, baby, eat!!!

  21. Wow Dan, amazing! Yeah Chris is now the most expensive cat I ever owned. Yikes that vet got a lot of money from me!

    Thanks Jennie. He drank a lot of water this morn yea! And ate a tiny bit of dry food. Fingers crossed! =D

  22. I'm so pleased to hear Chris is back home. Pets are the best. Here's to a speedy recovery !! xxx

  23. YAY!!! Chris is a magical name Mrs. C! yay, Miss Atomic! I am so thrilled he's getting better every day! Hugs and love to you both!

  24. Thanks so much, Jaede and Darlene.

    He's curled up on the bed here in my office, enjoying life. I can't tell you all how very happy I am that he is back home with me. =)

    Hopefully modern medicine for cats will help him get back 100%.

  25. It was lovely to find such good news this morning!
    Seinding purrs from my babies to Chris!