Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Still Unsure

Chris on the Studio couch yesterday morning before having to go back to the vet...

I really wish I could put this behind me already, wish I could wave a magic wand for my buddy and make everything ok, and move on to fun mid-century posts, but...

Chris is still in the kitty hospital. I don't like how they do not have anyone there over night. And believe me, I have been throwing a lot of money their way.

Conflicting test results, more tests being done. He was still strong enough and combative enough despite no food or water for a week except forced fluids Friday, to be sedated again. I worry this is making whatever he has worse...

But my heart is telling me, my worst fears will come true. I will have to make that awful decision at some point here.

You don't have to post or anything, and I know how depressing posts can drive folks away from a blog, but I appreciate having some place just to express my sadness.

I miss my folks terribly when bad things happen. My Mom in particular. She always had the courage to face these things without crying like a big sissy gurl, like I do. I wish I had her strength.

I am grateful that I have all of your blogs to help distract my mind, just for a bit.